Doctor Who meets Red Dwarf? Minority Report with jokes? Futurama meets Star Trek? Everyone will see this story in different ways, but basically this is a science fiction that’s light on "science." Felicity Frey a human born and raised on the planet Calaxias, is a Timekeeper who has suddenly gone rogue after her superior forbids her from fixing a timeline anomaly - the untimely murder of a seemingly insignificant voice actor, Joel Holton. After saving him, Joel comes along with Felicity in order to find out who wanted him dead and why - but before he can even get settled aboard her ship, Rusla, they are thrown headfirst into another time anomaly that was more than likely created by the same people on Calaxias who wanted Joel dead - but who are they and why are they doing this?

Meanwhile, the best Time Enforcer in the galaxy, Sgt. Athena Kai - a human born on Jupiter, is sent to bring Felicity in, but becomes suspicious when she discovers the plot to murder Joel and a subtle suggestion that she doesn’t have to bring Felicity in alive if she doesn’t want to.

This book is the first in the series that will involve Joel, Felicity, and her friends Spike and Rex; her shipboard A.I companion Gus, as they try to keep Earth safe, save innocent people, and try to find answers as to why Felicity’s superiors on Calaxias keep trying to have Earth destroyed, all while trying to keep out the reach of Sgt. Kai, who is trying her best to bring Felicity in and figure out her own answers.

Who we are:

Marie is a single mom, living in the county of Los Angeles, CA who has been creating characters, worlds (and systematically destroying them) and situations in her head since she was a pre-teen. In 2014, while she was studying for her MFA in Creative Writing, she wrote and self-published her first book, "Club Erotica," a mystery thriller involving a murder at a strip club; she published her second book "Dragon’s Wing" in 2015. In September of 2014, she received her MFA, along with her classmate, MK McFadden.

Clearly, this is how they met.

MK has been telling science fiction stories since the third grade and currently resides in LA - mainly the Valley, where she is getting used to the west coast. She received a BFA in Film in 2012 and went on to get her MFA in Creative Writing in 2014. When not working on scripts or book manuscripts, she likes to cook new recipes and read a lot of news.

Where the idea came from:

Marie: I’m a massive fangirl of many things, especially television shows such as Red Dwarf, Red vs Blue, Doctor Who, Firefly, Supernatural, etc. There were many nights where I would go for walks with my daughter, listening to my headphones and fantasizing myself as a female Time Lord who goes up against The Doctor. Mid-2015, I started getting back into Red vs Blue, and started looking up who the people were behind the voices of the characters, and was immediately smitten with the man behind Caboose, Joel Heyman. My fantasize slowly started to change from being a Time Lord, to just a futuristic Timekeeper, who meets a sweet, but clueless human who looks like Joel Heyman, then created this whole, complicated plot and wanted to make it into a series of books, hopefully being able to work with Rooster Teeth in the future to turn it into a cartoon series or something else.

MK: I love a good time travel story. I grew up on Back to the Future and Demolition Man. So I could write probably write 10,000 vignettes about time travel. I also love history. Not just history in general, but how countries have risen and fallen through out the past 150+ years. I used to want to be president when I was a kid. So when Marie asked my advice about how to shape this story idea that she had, I was excited. And my excitement grew and grew and grew until I ended up hoping on to help write this crazy adventure that Felicity and Joel go on. I would say if Marie is more of the "who are these people?" part of the story team, I am the "How does this world work?" part.

How readers can help us shape our draft:

Marie: If something doesn’t make sense, tell us. We are already aware that we have some serious grammar errors and that we have to fix our writing styles to sync up, but we really need help spotting plot holes, things that don’t make sense, things like that.

MK: All those good things that Marie has said above. I would also like to add that if you are curious about how things look, how a character feels in a situation, or sounds, or any visual type descriptions. Let us know. I know that I tend to be light on the details in my drafts, so pry those details out of me.