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In 23rd Century America, the war on terror has escalated to the point where every car accident, every error at work, every purchase of non-commemorative memorabilia is considered a terrorist act, until Pat McGewan-X04 and a band of patriots turned terrorists decide to stop the fear mongering news media once and for all.

Pat McGewan is a patriotic cubicle production technician that is involved in a freak one-car accident after work one day. The media skews the story until he is the heroic sole survivor of this week’s most vicious terrorist attack on American soil.

The news coverage piques the interest of two very different people, Herb, America’s last librarian and Jack Flanery, America’s most watched, most vitriolic talking head. Herb claims that Pat is the Chosen One, destined to lead his small band of “terrorists” in the coming revolution and make Americans lose their fear of the media’s manufactured terrorist threats. Jack Flanery has an old grudge against Pat and paints him as the most dangerous domestic terrorist in the history of the two hundred year War on Terror.

Pat must choose between what he is told is a Patriot’s Duty and be executed or become one of Herb’s “terrorists” and redefine what Patriotism truly is.

L.I.F.E. is a sometimes absurd look into the fear, the paranoia, the relinquishment of civil liberties in the name of security that Americans deal with today. This is the worst-case scenario from today’s War on Terror played out over the next two hundred years.