Kora is a girl like any other, with one major exception: she is the product of a collision between two great mystical forces, one set on destroying all life in the universe, and the other sworn to protect the Planet Earth.

Kora’s progenitor, the mighty Kor, was once thought to be an immortal being whose multi-dimensional existence predated the Big Bang. For billions of years, he had flown through space and time, devouring planets in accordance to his will. When he met the great Kanar in battle to decide the fate of our world, however, they cancelled each other out. The strength of the ensuing explosion propelled a single seed (a construct made of both their essences) into our atmosphere, where it embedded itself in the ground and grew into a strange-looking blue-haired fetus, with eyes in the palms of her hands and a second mouth in her belly.

Fearing the potential power of the child, the world’s greatest military and scientific minds came together to annihilate Kora or prevent her birth by any means necessary. When their efforts proved futile, however, they called upon the preeminent child psychologist, Dr Johan Marsters, to determine whether Kora could be bent to serve humanity’s best interests. After years of study during which she was placed in his care, his solution to the problem was simple: to send Kora to school, to socialise her within a human society, and to teach her the value of life on our planet.

Now, Kora must navigate the daily perils of the schoolground without letting her true nature show: science classes in which Bunsen burners and sulphuric compounds react aggressively towards her presence; art classes in which her entourage of insects keep eating the still life displays; gym classes in which she must hide her non-conforming body from her classmates to avoid scaring them; and cafeterias that do not serve entities with her dietary requirements. All of this, while the forces of good and evil continue to vie for control of her soul.

With the help of three human girls her age, can Kora keep her classmates breathing without falling behind on her homework?