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About the Author

Growing up in a creative family with two English professors as parents, it’s no wonder that Julia pursued writing and the arts from a young age, dictating her first short story to her grandmother before she turned five. She was fortunate to be raised by a stickball-playing father from the Bronx who spent many hours teaching her to throw and hit a baseball with the same determined accuracy he demanded of her writing. From her mother, who immigrated from England, she inherited a love of British literature and an addiction to Earl Grey tea. She studied English at the University of Rochester, graduating with high distinction, and was awarded a tuition-free year to study violin and viola at the Eastman School of Music. She also received the Meredith Goodman Bernstein Prize for literature and the Academy of American Poets Prize. After music school she was awarded a merit-based scholarship to attend NYU’s graduate filmmaking program. Her post-collegiate screenwriting pursuits were strongly encouraged and mentored by producer Forrest Murray, producer/director Ziad Hamzeh, and producer David Kirkpatrick (former President of Paramount Pictures), who wrote: “The hallmarks of Julia’s creative work are dedication, intelligence, perseverance, attention to detail, vision, and a high level of craft, and excellence in storytelling. Julia has ‘it’--the same ineffable brilliance that I have observed in Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, and Francis Coppola....Julia’s Viking saga should, one day, be nominated for an Academy Award. It is profound, dramatic, stirring, and unforgettable as she is.” After screenwriter Hawk Ostby read and praised the Viking script, he encouraged Julia to transform it into a novel, the first three chapters of which you can read here. She had started writing the scripts nearly a decade ago for her son, who was 12 at the time and loved action adventure stories with teenage heroes. As she worked on the novel, she took a different approach, creating a young adult trilogy for her two daughters, who favored strong female characters that shaped their own destiny. In addition to King’s Daughter, Julia’s current projects all feature rebellious heroines, ranging from two prisoners who escaped Auschwitz to a brilliant addict who helped others defeat their demons before succumbing to her own. Her original soundtrack, on which she performed violin and viola, was featured in the Emmy-nominated Holocaust trailer, “Lives Etched in Glass.” Her dream is to write and direct for both television and film.