Chapter 1

 Kindness Poems Sample

Copyright 2013 by Marie Louise Nickerson

Calling Out to You

(as though the Holy One were speaking)

Oh, Won’t you Make some Time to Spend with Me? I’ve Got some Blessings I would Give to You! Now, Please, don’t Doubt that I can Make you Free, if Only You will Grant me What’s my Due. You Never Need ta Be conFused and Lost – inSide my Sacred Heart you’re Always Found! Why Go and Ev’ry Avenue exHaust? You Could come Straight with Me ta Holy Ground! I’m Waiting PatientLy for You to Come, so, Please, do Not goof Off and Long deLay; I’m Made of Love, and I would Give you Some, so, Darling, Spend some Time with Me TO-DAY!

For Every Nice Lady (and Kind Gent)

Your Kindly Heart with Loving Brightly Glows... much Like an Ever-Blooming, Budding Rose! May LovingKindness make and Keep You Whole, and Always Bless You, Body, Heart, and Soul....

Fer My Darlin’

Oh, Please AcCept my Thanks fer All you’ve Shared, the Countless Times you’ve Blest (and Made) my Day, the Love so Kindly Shown, the Love deClared, your Spirit Bright, and Laughing Love of Play! You’ve Made of Me a Kinder, Sweeter One, I’d Never Trade your Love for ANY-THING, and it’s a Joy ta Join in Gentle Fun – it’s GRAND ta Share the Happi-ness You Bring! So Thank You Very Much with All My Heart! I LOVE You Very Much with All my Heart!