My name is Yashira, and before I give you a quick summary of my story, I thought I’d share a bit about how the idea for this story came to be. Originally I was toying with the idea to enter into the Nerdist contest, but couldn’t quite find an idea that would stick with me. And then, it finally did (but by then the contest was well underway, so I hung onto it, until now). This is a new kind of writing for me, and I’m excited to broaden my horizons, and tell a good story, I hope you’ll come along for the ride. Now here’s that summary:

A baby found in an abandoned shuttle leads to adventure for the crew of a freight spaceship. The child is the first thread in unraveling a conspiracy against the human race. But what happens to our the crew and the baby when they find more tapestries of conspiracy that could destroy more than just humanity, but several races that make up the galactic community?