Written on an aircraft carrier, Kale & Jason is the story of two young men on opposite sides of the world, both of whom want to become warriors.

In a world of eleven realms ruled by eleven great wizards, Kale and Jason live on opposite sides of the world. Orphans, they are obsessed with becoming warriors.

Jason is raised as a warrior’s apprentice. He feels his master is holding him back, and when he hears news of a murder committed by a great wizard, he prepares for his coming glory.

Kale is raised by his uncle, tutored on occasion by a wandering swordsman. A standing void blights the earth close to his village, remnant of an ancient enemy. Kale dreams of using the Masamune, an ancient sword, to repel enemies from the void.

When raiders attack Kale’s village, when war between the great wizards becomes serious, Kale and Jason will find out if the life of a warrior matches their dreams.

Listen to a reading of ’Whales Crossing the Harvest’ moon.

Excerpts and Sample Chapters

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Chapter One - The Face at the End of the World

Chapter Two - War is Coming

Whales Crossing the Harvest Moon