Hello readers! I’ve got some great news for you in this update. Kale & Jason is available, new book in January and a NEW China book on Inkshares... 

 First off, KALE & JASON is now available at Amazon. You can read it on your Kindle or the free Kindle PC Reader. 

 And I have some good news: the FIRST FIVE PEOPLE to buy Kale & Jason will receive a free copy of my next book, TRAINING DAY. Set in 2008 China, Training Day is due in mid-January. 

 FREE BOOKS: To celebrate the release of Kale & Jason, THE JOURNEY THROUGH NANKING, will be FREE on Amazon from DECEMBER 1 THROUGH DECEMBER 5. Check it out, and be sure to leave a review, even if you don’t like what you read. 

 NEW BOOK: samples of THE MYSTERIOUS VOYAGE OF MARK DENSON are available on Inkshares. Written in late 2011, Mysterious Voyage follows a military deserter as he searches for his pregnant wife across China’s highways in hiding. Feedback is welcome! 

 As always, I appreciate your support. If you haven’t already, follow me on Facebook, Twitter or check out my website. You’re welcome to contact me any time, to offer feedback on my writing, recommend books or whatever else. 

 Have a great day!

1) Good news! The first fifteen people to pre-order Kale & Jason will receive a free copy if it fails to meet its 250 pre-order goal.

2) Only ten pre-orders so far. If you’re interested in seeing the book come to life, please spread the word. When you message close friends/family, and they ignore you...it’s pretty discouraging. So, I do appreciate what support I have. Keep it up. :)

3) Listen to me read Whales Crossing the Harvest Moon, a small sample from Kale & Jason.

Stay tuned for more recordings and more samples as we move towards November.



1. First off, thank you. Whether you pre-ordered ’Kale & Jason’, spread the word or followed, your support means the world to me. 10 pre-orders, 240 more to go before November. This book will not happen without you, so again, thank you.

2. New sample chapter: Chapter 2 - War is Coming, our first meeting with Jason, a warrior’s apprentice. You’ll find that while Kale & Jason’s lives are very different, their dreams are similar, only they have different paths to reach them. Check it out and let me know what you think.

3. Recommendation: I recently read the first chapter of Children of the Dire, by Y.E. Katerina. Good prose, dark atmosphere, check it out and leave her some feedback. She’s a great writer and I look forward to reading the rest of her book.

That’s all for now. Like I said earlier, 10 pre-orders so far, I’m stoked. If you like what you read, consider pre-ordering and spreading the word. Without your support this book won’t see the light of day.

Thank you.