Boo! Hoping you’re having a spooky time of year already! I have come back from the grave to update my story even further! I’ve had a recent bout of inspiration, thanks to signing up to NaNiWriMo and my dear wife! So please, have a read through of my update to my latest chapter and let me know what you think!

Hello all! I apologise for the lack of work being done to my progress so far, life and all of it’s glamour have been imperative for me currently and have been able to intertwine myself into my own thoughts for a while. Alas, I am currently in the throes of amending my current progress which I hope will lead into me spilling some more into it’s pages.
So keep an close eye on this page and I hope you continue to enjoy it.

Hello all! I have uploaded my further work that I have put in up on the page, if you can give it a go and let me know what you think so far.

I’m hoping to start off the next chapter for another character soon, just need to get through some conflicting ideas I have for them to get through before I put it onto "paper".
Thank you all again for the support and following that you guys have put in already. If you can spread the word and let your friends to know, even if they’re not a fan of epic fantasy. I feel like in time, it’ll interest even those that haven’t considered the genre before. If they’re interested enough, if they can sign up and give me a follow too, I’ll be forever grateful.