This story was based upon a dream I had. There was a girl visiting a particular house in a quiet community, but all the residents were ghosts, and there was a weird conversation between the ghosts of this house and some of the ghosts from the community out in the front yard. 

Taking this idea and the conversation they had, I put together this story. I thought about the strange mass disappearances around the world that remain unsolved for the most part, and then I started to think about the girl’s role in the story. Turns out, I decided to make her a robot, but she’s a mobile probe. her eyes are the key to the story, which once I figured out what they were, I ended up having to do some research. 

Without giving anything away, my research lead me to the Wah Wah Mountains in Utah and the Paiute Indian tribe. Turns out, they had a lot to do with the conflict that resulted in the Battle of Wounded Knee, even if that wasn’t their intent. 

All of this is the backdrop, giving way for the present day fictional mass disappearance of a small community. The main character is able to use the robot girl to speak with the ghosts of the past. 

Writing and drawing this graphic novel was fun, because there were two different time lines happening at once at several points of the story, but then the present day time line ends the story. 

This is a short graphic novel, but I thought it was a really cool idea, and leaves the reader thinking back and making up their own minds about things.

Since I can’t seem to upload the pages on this site, here is the link where you can read the entire story: