Story Idea


(Looks like the shot from Calvin and Hobbes when they get thrown outside and told to go play or Jazz getting tossed by Uncle Phil)

This is K-Rex.

“Don’t forget your weird science projects too!”

“Yeah, stay the Hell away from us with that weird shit!”

(There covered in shadow and talking through a portal. The light is so bright behind them that it causes them to be covered in shadow)

This is the Regis Regum, an exclusive club of Dino-Demi Gods, world creators, and Universe shakers.

“Fuck y’all!”

“Fuck you! That’s why your ass is washed up anyway! Bye!”

(They flip him the bird and the Dimensional Black Hole Closes)

K-Rex has just been kicked out of the Regus Regum. Cause he’s too smart… and he’s kind of a dick, too.

“Fuckin’ inbred idiots. They didn’t understand my vision anyway…” (says this while he’s picking up his stuff that’s floating around space next to him. He also has an anger tear running down his cheek)

This is the story of a Dino-Man with a Dino plan to change the Universe. Only, the Universe doesn’t need changing. But, that’s neither here nor there. At the end of the day, K-Rex is gonna do what K-Rex wants to do.

“They’ll see. They were never behind me on my projects, anyway. They only cared enough to try and put their names on shit… I don’t need that kinda negativity. I’m zen.”

(as K-Rex is picking up his stuff, he stumbles upon one of his old sketchbooks/journals from way back. In it, he sees a list of experiments he thought were too crazy to even try. Stuff like making Black Holes, duck taping people’s faces to their anuses, etc. Also among the list was “making a new planet of perfect creatures that are cool and respect me”. To this, K-Rex gives a Grinch smile)

K-Rex always wanted to show the world his greatness. So, why not just make a world? A whole planet can’t ignore you when you made it… most of the time.

(K-Rex turns to put all his stuff back in his ship and get ready to leave while holding his journal of crazy ideas and smiling like Gollum and the Ring, when he stumbles upon one of his old projects… a dino baby)

Oh yeah, K-Rex is a dad too… kinda. He made this kid as a way to test out some more controversial methods of cloning.

“Great. Now I’ve got two mouths to feed. Whatever, I guess I can’t just leave you here, enfant terrible. Let’s go create and rule like kings!”

(at this, the baby giggles. Then K-Rex awkwardly picks the baby up by its tail and puts it in the spaceship on top of the rest of the junk)

This is Harry. Harry is also a dick… how you like them apples, Newton? Anyway, these two jack holes are gonna change the Universe. I’m just here to help tell their crazy story.

(jump forward a few thousand years. Now K-Rex is slightly older and dresses a bit more grungy cause his clothes don’t get cleaned the way he wants them to be. Harry is now a teenager and he’s working on some engine or something. After a few minutes, Harry gets his arm cut on a tool or something)

“Ow! Sonofabitch! Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh!”

“Keep it down, kid! I’m working here.”

“Sorry, shit, sorry. I just cut the heck outta my arm. Where’s some gauze or something?”

“Idk, man. I don’t get hurt. Just, put some glue in it… (note to self: apparently, gene cloning weakens dino tissue. Make note of that and try to fix it)”

“Is glue sanitary? Won’t that poison me or something?”

“What the? What’s with all these questions? Put the dang glue in the dang cut and jog on, man!”

(Harry finds some glue and puts it in the cut)

“Is it supposed to burn?”

“What did I just say about the questions?”

“Jeez, man alright… Hey dad?”

“I swear, kid, this better be important cause if it’s not…”

“Can we die?”



“To tell you the truth, I don’t think so. But, back when I was a Corps member, they used to talk about this placed called Andlat Dalr[a][b] that all the Demis would go to if they ate it out here.”

“For real?”

“I would never lie about this, kid. The place was run by some weird super dino. I think he had different levels, too. The more badass you were, the closer you’d get to the inner levels, I think. Tbh I don’t really remember. I thought it was some mystic mumbo madness they told young Demis to keep them in line.”

“Dang… I really don’t want to die.”

“Then you’d better use a ton of that glue so you don’t bleed out. But, I wouldn’t worry about that dying stuff if I were you. I’m over quite a few thousand years old. Even you just hit the thousand mark yourself. It’s gonna take a lot to get rid of us.”

“Is that a long time to be around or something?”

“Oh yeah, you’ve only really been on this ship, huh? Well, back when I used to travel around dimensions, I’d find creatures that would live only a few days or so. Or some things that’d live a couple a years. But, most creatures, tend to die pretty quick. Count your blessings.”

“Hmm… that sucks. I wish we didn’t have to die.”

“I don’t. Things need to die. That way, new things can come and do new things.”

“Why can’t the old and the new just live with each other?”

“Cause, kid, the new would just kill the old anyway. Probably cause it’s taking up too much space or just being an overall nuisance.”

“Oh. Dang. That’s kinda heavy.”

“That’s kinda life. Get with it or get dead. At any rate, I’ve got more experiments to test before we get to our destination so go toy around with some stuff.”

“Where are we headed to again?”

“It don’t got a name yet but, based on the readings I’m getting from it, this planet will be the ideal testing ground for some experiments.”

“What makes it so ideal?”

“It’s got water. Lots of water. Most of my experiments are the “just add water” type.”

“Oh. Sweet.”

“Indeed. Now get outta here for a sec, so I can work my magic in peace.”

(with that, Harry leaves and goes back to his engines and what not.)

Like I said, K-Rex is a genius. Super smart guy. But, a dick is a dick. As you’ve probably guessed, the planet they’re trying to go to is Earth. Things are about to get a lot more interesting for our Dinos.


The rest of the story will now revolve around the establishment of Earth and a few subsequent trips that K-Rex goes on to find other materials to make the dinosaurs on Earth better. A few thousand more years later, Harry fucks around and kills one of K-Rex’s new experiments[c] (an experiment that probably would have propelled the evolution of the dinosaurs forward by thousands and hundreds of millennia).

K-Rex becomes furious and is on the warpath, he can barely contain himself and his rage. The only thing that keeps him from killing Harry right there is the fact that Harry is his son. Instead, he banishes Harry to the asteroid belt[d] for quite a few years. After a fairly long stretch of time spent in banishment, Harry is allowed back on Earth. Of course, K-Rex is still fairly pissed so he tells Harry he’s not allowed back in his kingdom but can live on the outskirts of society. This carries on for a few more years before Harry starts to really get mad.

Instead of violently reacting to his father’s “pettiness”, Harry decides to get even. He begins to start campaigning and making K-Rex out to be some kind of trash leader[e]. The people respond well to it and, soon enough Harry has the backing of the vast majority of the Dino-Kingdom. K-Rex doesn’t want to lose his spot or kill any of his creations, nor does he really have enough power to do all that on his own anyway.[f] Instead, K-Rex decides to flee the planet he called home in order to gather his forces in order to launch a counterattack against Harry. Essentially, K-Rex goes into hiding for quite a few years.

In this time period, Harry runs Earth into the ground. The crime rate is skyrocketing, food is scarce, there’s too many people being born, the dinos are starting to get strung out on different drugs to cope… whatever could go wrong, does. Eventually, things get so bad that the dinosaurs on Earth launch an attack on Harry and the kingdom. This attack works a little to well and almost all of Harry’s men are killed. Seeing that this is a fight he’s going to lose, Harry runs. Having been driven insane by all that has happened up to this point in his life, Harry decides to end it all. Of course, he refuses to go by himself. So he takes an asteroid from the asteroid belt and pushes it all the way back to Earth, as an attempt to destroy the planet and everything on it. It works.

K-Rex, not having a very good grasp of time, finally comes back thousands of years later with an armoede to deal with Harry[g]. By now, humans exist and are doing their thing. K-Rex is floored and extremely confused by this occurrence. Humans, on the other hand, think they are being attacked by aliens and attempt to fight back.[h] However, humans are no match for K-Rex and his dinos. Since K-Rex is a genius with super technology, he knew that the humans were mammals. Last he checked, mammals were small, little, idiot creatures that didn’t know anything. K-Rex knew that before going into the fight so he avoided trying to kill anybody[i] and instead just let the humans, essentially run out of resources to fight him.

Once that’s over, he finally get’s the chance to simply talk with the humans about what happened to the dinosaurs[j]. They tell him they were all taken out by an asteroid. Now K-Rex is pissed. He recruits some humans to help him build a portal to the dinosaur after life. K-Rex then uses the portal to see what the dinosaur afterlife is really like. As mentioned earlier, it is a combination of Valhalla and Dante’s Inferno Hell. So, K-Rex sees all these crazy mystical dino creature variations along with old friends and experiments.[k][l]

Having been helped through the levels of the afterlife, K-Rex finally finds his son at the bottom ring. There, his son is chilling meditating. He is also surrounded by a few of the other Rex’s from the Regis Regum that had also been killed throughout time. A few of them recognize K-Rex and realize that he’s the reason for all that is going wrong in the afterlife (along with the huge disturbance that Harry caused whenever he killed so many people at once). Along with these Regis Regum Corps members, the guardian, Porr Dreki[m] of the afterlife is there. The guardian recruited all the strongest individuals in the afterlife as his own personal bodyguards (including Harry).

K-Rex simply wants to talk to his son and get closure on the subject matter at hand but Porr Dreki won’t let him. He then calls K-Rex a bitch, so it’s on and poppin after that. K-Rex has to fight quite a few Regis Regum (probably six or seven) before he finally gets to Porr Dreki. Porr Dreki is a difficult fight and almost kills K-Rex, who could’ve easily handled all this if he was younger. The fight ends with K-Rex reaching down the throat of Porr Dreki and crushing his heart. However, Porr Dreki bites off K-Rex’s arm in the process. After all that, K-Rex is finally able to talk with his son.

His son laments and complains about how he never got the attention he felt he deserved. Of course, K-Rex just calls him an idiot and points out the fact that Harry and him got to spend thousands of good years together. However, K-Rex does acknowledge that he was hard on him with his last punishment of banishment… especially since Harry only lashed out at the experiment because he felt threatened by it (thinking that the experiment would take all his time and attention, and love). With his last bit of energy, K-Rex and Harry hug it out… before the portal K-Rex used to get there dissolves the fabric of space and time as they know it and destroys all of reality.

However, reality isn’t destroyed (just like energy), and the machine restarts the Big Bang. This recreates a new universe. In the new Universe, off in the distance near a pair of black holes, a baby dinosaur is seen floating by.

[a]This is Old Norse for "Death Valley"

[b]This is also "Dino-Valhalla", which is a combination of regular Valhalla and Hell from Dante’s Inferno.

[c]The experiment is probably going to be a "new and improved" version of Harry or something. It needs to be an experiment that would get under the skin of Harry and cause him to lash out at it, killing/destroying it.

[d]This is also where Harry discovers an asteroid the size of a moon. Which is what he uses to kill all the dinosaurs.

[e]Like Donald Trump is doing currently with the Obama administration.

[f]K-Rex is starting to get to old for a lot of this. He’s probably in the equivalent to his late 30’s early 40’s or so at this point.

[g]His plan wasn’t to kill him, at this point. He was probably gonna try to capture Harry and try to save him, to the best of his abilities.

[h]Shout out to Will Smith and Independence Day here with at least one space dino getting socked in the mouth and some random black dude saying, "Welcome to Earth!"

[i]Think like when you’re older brother messes with you and you’re too tiny to do anything about it. So you’re trying all super hard and your older brother is just waiting for you to tire yourself out.

[j]At the very least, K-Rex knew the humans didn’t kill them or something like that cause, last he checked, mammals were to small and stupid to ever stand a chance against his dinosaurs.

[k]Throughout this section of the story, K-Rex can finally hear the Narrator as well. Since K-Rex can now actually talk to the Narrator, he uses him as a resource and guide to help him get through the afterlife and find his son, similar to Dante.

[l]Also, he can hear the Narrator because the machine he made/used was a dimensional portal that is beginning to tear the fabric of reality. Since there is no dimensional space between them anymore, K-Rex is able to communicate with the Narrator.

[m]This is "Thunder Dragon" in Norse. I couldn’t find "lizard" so I couldn’t make the direct comparison to Godzilla but, essentially, Godzilla is the one running the afterlife.