Michael Baldwin, author of Just Add Water, talks to IntrepidNow about creating powerful presentations.
Moe Abdou and Michael Baldwin discuss how to put the focus — and the power — of every presentation back where it belongs: with the presenter.
The Metropolitan d'Etroit
Just Add Water reads the way Baldwin’s presentations are, well, presented; in an enjoyable and streamlined fashion. Instead of being text heavy, Baldwin opts for the use of icons, metaphors, concepts, and a bit of humor. According to Baldwin, there is nothing hypothetical about Just Add Water. All of the information is a distillation of Baldwin’s years operating as a global presenter.
School For Startups Radio
School For Startups Radio interviews Michael Baldwin, author of Just Add Water.
Investor’s Business Daily
Just Add Water author, Michael Baldwin, talks to Investor’s Business Daily about negotiating/closing business deals.
Matt Seiler CEO, IPG Media Brands
I have always believed that passion and common sense are what it takes to be truly successful. This book has both.
Megan Kent - Founder & CEO, Megan Kent Branding Group
Of all the books on communication on my shelves, this one really works!
Tim Morehouse, Olympic Silver Medalist
The perfect roadmap for creating powerful presentations.
Steve Greene, New York Director, Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation
This book was an easy solution for my PowerPoint deficiencies. Michael Baldwin’s expert insights helped me create presentations that flow. I highly recommend it.
Meredith Kopit Levien, Chief Revenue Officer, The New York Times
Very few experts can teach their craft as well as Michael Baldwin can teach how to write and deliver compelling presentations. This is a must-read for every business leader today.