Three years into an exploratory mission into deep space, the crew of the Rheda find something strange just at the edge of sensor range. The object and its owners are a mystery, but that’s not the only problem Captain Jasmin Pierce and Commander Pham Thy Meghan will face before the mission is over.

Meg and Captain Pierce will have to come together as a team, and more, if they want to survive and get the Rheda and her crew home safe.

Jump the Gun is sci-fi, adventure, mystery, queer women in space, a little bit of romance and a whole lot of bite.

I have some casting info up on my blog if you’re interested in how I imagine the characters.

Jump the Gun borrows from and pays homage to many of the greats of space exploration sci-fi, but there is an especially strong connection to many of the visual sci-fi stories from the last few decades.

If you liked the new The Expanse mini-series, or remember Virtuality with fondness, this is the book for you!

If you miss sci-fi that’s about space first and characters a close second, Jump The Gun has your back!

Art by Dakota

About the Author

Currently a full-time pastry baker hailing from one of the most beautiful German cities, I spend most of my free time consuming or creating stories. When I’m not writing, I play video games or read, and thanks to audio books sometimes I do both at the same time.

Science fiction is the great love of my life. This is the first original novel I’m confident about publishing but I’ve been writing since I learned to read. English may be my second language, but it’s first in my heart.

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