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"Katherine Kinneavy is an NYPD homicide detective with a drinking problem, an Irish temper and an unflagging commitment to any case she’s assigned.

Wendell Roane is an ambitious crime reporter specializing in stories about violence against women.

Joe Cataldo is an overworked Mafia underboss desperate to keep things on an even keel, lest New York’s underworld regress into the wars and bloodbaths of the ’30s and ’70s.

When a mob lieutenant and a bar owner, both with a history of unspeakable crimes against women, turn up dead on the same cold autumn morning, a vigilante group styling itself ’Judith’ takes credit for both killings and promises more. These three vastly different people crash into each other’s orbits in search of the group, and no matter how the search ends, it may leave everything they think they know about themselves and the worlds they live in shaken to the very core."

I’ve been working on this novel for a few years after spending most of my writing career on shorter stuff and nonfiction, and once the idea popped into my head I was completely captivated and couldn’t wait to write more, but my dickhead manager at the grocery store said I still couldn’t leave the register. What I’m going for is the culmination of a lot of the writing, fiction and non-fiction, I’ve done over the years. It’s heavily influenced by authors like Dennis Lehane, Tana French and Elmore Leonard, and runs on a signature blend of fierce women, bad men, twisty plot developments, snark and feminism. Picture a season of "True Detective" written by Gillian Flynn with Eve Ensler looking over her shoulder.