Erik Petersson is a rising star on the High-Risk Traveler Task Force, a Canadian organization that prevents radicalized individuals from joining extremist groups. Disciplined and dedicated, cracks appear in Erik’s carefully controlled world when his daughter, Arielle, leaves university after a troubled first year to join the Islamic Caliphate, a terrorist regime in Syria. Erik rallies a desperate effort to stop her, but when he fails and is subsequently removed from the task force in a bid to compartmentalize the investigation, he resolves to bring Arielle back, whatever the cost.

Driven by a secret she can’t outrun, Arielle’s dream of a more purposeful life is confronted with the brutality of life in the Caliphate. Forced to marry against her will and tasked to recruit other women to the Caliphate, it is all she can do to hold on to her newfound faith. Yet when she attracts the attention of Abu Noor al Kanadi, a terrorist leader and converted American soldier bent on punishing his birth country for its actions in the Middle East, Arielle must choose whether to sacrifice her ideals to survive, or risk a frantic bid to escape. Torn between rival agendas, father and daughter must choose between family or country, love or fear.