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’Monday at Jelly Roll Dog Park’ is a children’s book that features a group of dog friends who gather daily at their neighborhood dog park, Jelly Roll, in New Orleans. It’s Monday and a new dog, Muttley, arrives at the park. Ostracized by the group because he isn’t a purebred, Muttley is consoled and mentored by Jelly Roll’s guardian angel, Daisy Mae the bulldog, who is a former friend of the in-crowd at the park. It is through discovering his own strengths that Muttley is able to rise above the bullying and earn the respect of the other dogs.

With your Money

With the funds raised, I will complete the fabulous and truly amazing illustrations by John LaFree that will bring to life this classic children’s story.

In addition to the ebook, "Award of Merit" backers will receive one hardcover book signed by the author and illustrator.

"Best of Breed" backers will receive two copies of the hardcover book signed by the author and illustrator. In addition, a photo of their pet (with pet’s name cited) will be included on a special Dedication page.

"Best in Show" backers will receive three hardcover books signed by the author and the illustrator. In addition, they will receive one original illustration (unframed and randomly selected) signed by the illustrator.