Hello friends of Jelly Roll Dog Park!  It has been a while since I provided an update so I wanted to write to let you know how things have been going with the release of "Monday."  Overall, the project has been received with great enthusiasm regarding the quality of the book and illustrations and the classic charm of characters and theme.  The Illustrator, John LaFree, and I had a great signing event in Orlando and mailed books to all of the backers.  Hopefully you received your copies and have already shared it with friends and family. 

I will be in New Orleans for a signing event & reading at the Maple Street Book Shop on Saturday, October 24th from 11:30-1.  Please stop in if you are in the area and share with any family and friends who live in the vicinity.  I am excited to be able to sign the book in the same city that provided the setting for our magical little dog park!

Also, I need a huge favor from you.  The future of tomorrow  ("Tuesday") is dependent upon the success of today ("Monday")!  I have incredible story lines and themes mapped out for the next two books and John is eager to begin drawing our favorite pups again.  Please help us get some more exposure and momentum behind the current book by providing a review on Amazon and Goodreads.  I will personally donate $3 to Pacer's National Bullying Prevention Center for every unique review placed on these sites during the month of October, which is National Bullying Prevention month! 

Thanks again for all of the continued support and encouragement.  The park is only successful with readers like you to maintain it.  Hope to see you in New Orleans on the 24th or on the review page!

High Five, Jen

Picture Amy Barrett · Reader · added over 3 years ago
Hi Jennifer!  I just ordered a copy of your book!  If you've got spare credits, would you mind supporting my husband's book please? :)  https://www.inkshares.com/projects/it-s-all-fun-and-games?referral_code=c7056649

Hello backers and supporters!  I just wanted to provide you with a quick book update.  Those of you who backed the book should have just received an eBook version of Monday at Jelly Roll Dog Park.  I hope you enjoy it!  The hardback copies are being delivered at the end of the week.  The illustrator and I are able to get together on Labor Day weekend to sign them and then I will personally mail your copies to each of you.  This will also allow us to do custom dedications as well.  Please email me directly if there is a specific dedication you would like to have made in your book(s).  Those of you who donated at the $40 level will receive one copy, $150 will receive two and the $300 level will receive three.  I am ready to ship the original artwork too and will be reaching out to the nine Best in Show backers next week!

Thank you again for the support and encouragement along the journey.  I received my first copy in the mail on Saturday and it was like unwrapping a gift!  Exciting!

High Five!  -Jen

A huge note of THANKS to let you know that together, we reached our goal to get Monday at Jelly Roll Dog Park printed!  I cannot begin to properly express my gratitude to you, my friends, family members and fellow authors who donated and cheered me on during this initial journey.

Now the production work begins!  Here's an update and a little bit of homework for some of you...

UPDATE: The illustrations are complete and in my hands.  They will be shipped to the publisher next week  to begin the editing and layout process. 

The artwork is INCREDIBLE!  For those of you who donated at the BEST IN SHOW level ($300), you will be able to select one of the original pieces of artwork.  Those selections will be made available in the order in which you donated.  I will be reaching out to each of those 9 donors individually to allow them to make their selections.

HOMEWORK for BEST OF BREED level ($150).  If you have not sent me a photo of your pet, please do so ASAP for inclusion in the pet dedication page.  In addition, I will need the name of your pet as you would like to have it printed in the book.  Cats, birds, alligators, ferrets, etc. are all welcome!  Some of you have asked to include two pets in one photo, which is fine.  Please keep in mind that the images will be small (approximately 2x2) so a close up photo is most desirable.  Our editors will crop them appropriately.  PLEASE SEND ME THE PHOTO AND NAMES AT YOUR EARLIEST CONVENIENCE.  You can email me at justjenerous@yahoo.com

The book is going to be beautiful.  Color, hardback, 10x12 format.  There is a significant amount of marketing work to be done prior to the launch to ensure a successful release.  I am hopeful that the release will occur in August, or September at the latest.  The fundraising efforts took a little longer than planned and we are going to be working hard to make sure that no shortcuts are taken in the production and marketing phases.  The good news is that the book will be available right when school starts (prime bullying season) and before the holidays!

Again, thank you all for making this project a reality.  I can't wait to welcome you into Jelly Roll Park.

High Five, Jen

Happy 2015!  I have some great news to share.  Monday at Jelly Roll Park is 77% funded and we are in the home stretch.  I can see the finish line and just took an energy shot so I can GO ALL THE WAY!  Thanks to backers like you, we have managed to raise over $5500.  I have people in the pipeline who have committed to donating, but need your help to spread the word this week.  Please share the project with on social media an forward this email to your friends. 

We will go into production in the coming weeks.  The final artwork is being delivered on Wednesday.  You can bet I will be driving home extra carefully that day, as if a newborn child was safely strapped into the back seat.  This process has been similar to having a baby.  It has been fun to see it develop and feel the excitement from my family and friends.  My passion for spreading the message to Create a Culture of Kindness continues to grow. 

May 2015 bring you many beautifully illustrated books, sloppy dog kisses and words of kindness.  Thank you again for being part of this project.

By now, we are all in the usual hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  This year, I am grateful for friends and family like you who have supported the launch of Monday at Jelly Roll Dog Park.  In the first round of outreach, we raised over $5000 for the book.  There is only $2000 left to go!  I will begin outreach to anti-bullying organizations, dog lovers, acquaintances, and other key groups to accomplish this final goal.

Twenty of you donated at the $150 level or higher (woo-hoo!!!) and will be receiving your special commemorative ornament this week or next, depending on the speed of snail mail.  They are so cute...vibrant pictures of the main characters printed on metal.

The illustrations are almost done.  We have about 5 more to complete and a few tweaks to the existing ones to align with the plots of future releases.  John LaFree is such a talented artist and has become a good friend in the process.  I am blessed to have the opportunity to partner with his talent to bring the dogs properly to life.

Again, thank you for your support.  Please don't hesitate to share the project with others who may benefit from it.  May your holidays be blessed with family, friends and four-legged furballs!

Peace, Jen

All, thank you for the incredible support for Monday at Jelly Roll Dog Park. Things have been progressing well...

We are almost a third of the way funded!  Once the project is funded, the first 1000 copies will be printed and the book will be placed on Amazon and bookstore shelves throughout the country. 

If you donated at the Best of Breed level ($150), please send me a picture of the pet you would like to include on our special dedication page and his/her full name that you would like printed in the book. Cats, gerbils, snakes, chickens, etc. are welcome too!

For those of you who have contributed at the Best in Show level ($300), I will be contacting you individually when the illustration portfolio is complete so that you can select your piece of art.  I met with the illustrator last week and saw the artwork up close and personal.  The images are even more fabulous in person.  So glad to see so many of my family members and friends purchasing at this level so I can visit the images again in the future.

As an added bonus, those who have contributed at the $150 and $300 level during the month of October will receive a Monday at Jelly Roll Dog Park ornament to commemorate the release of the book.  It will feature two of my favorite images on it.  Please share the link with your friends and family so they can take advantage of this opportunity! 

We will be posting another sneak peek page of the book later this week.  Until then, may there be peace on the playground!



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