Frugal Mom Eh!
I found this book to be completely endearing. The illustrations are seriously incredible… a sweet story with a great message.
Jennifer Schreiber’s newly illustrated children’s book deals with anti-bullying concepts by using a dog theme to help children better understand.
The Oregonian
Author Jennifer Schreiber has taken a unique tack to teach kids about bullying – by looking at the issue from a dog's eye view.
WV Family Magazine
Monday at Jelly Roll Dog Park included in the book review section of WV Family Magazine's September/October issue.
Pretty Opinionated
Monday at Jelly Roll Dog Park teaches kids about bullying through lovable characters and beautiful illustrations.
Dakota's Den
Along with teaching an important life lesson, which would serve as a perfect conversation starter between parents and little ones, and teachers and students, about how hurtful bullying can be, the illustrations alone are reason enough to buy this book! ....What a great holiday gift or anytime gift this would make.
Kelly's Thoughts on Things
This book is amazing.
Ottawa Family Living Magazine
You’ve gotta love Jennifer Schreiber’s new picture book, MONDAY AT JELLY ROLL DOG PARK. Not only are the illustrations by John LaFree, an artist known for his whimsical and humorous pet portraits, but the story itself is fun, engaging and—most importantly—meaningful for little ones.
Unfortunately bullying is an epidemic crisis our children are dealing with these days and Monday At Jelly Roll Dog Park aims to teach kids how to face a bully the Muttley way.
Dave Barrett
We got this for our 8 year old and he loves it! If you've got a kid, get this book!