Jadenel is a Young Adult Fantasy novel:

It all started with the dreams. And it all ended with Jade no longer knowing who she was. Or what she was. Stalked nightly by a mysterious presence in her dreams, Jade has been fighting insomnia for weeks. Before long, insomnia is the least of her problems as the dreams become much more. Injuries from her dreams carry over to her waking existence. First bruises. Then gashes. Fearing for her safety, Jade is whisked away to a world she didn’t even know existed. Here she finds that everything goes deeper than nightmares. Her family, her life, everything was a lie. And now she must not only save herself, but she also must find herself. No longer can she call Earth home, but even among her own people, she feels like an outcast. Where does she belong? Who is she? These are all questions everyone, but Jade seems to know. And none of their answers are ones she likes. In a tale of fantasy, myth, and magic discover what would happen if your entire world was literally taken away from you.