Publisher's Weekly
Ignoring his mother’s warning, a piglet goes on an outdoor adventure and learns a lesson about allergies.
She Scribes
[Itchy Pig is] a great way to educate children about allergies as well as to let children who suffer from allergies know that they are not alone... there are ways to deal with them so as not to dampen their fun.
Maple Mouse Mama
Itchy Pig not only captivated my son, who suffers from food allergies and eczema, but also my older child. The short phrases were easy enough for my seven year old to read and understand and brought forth several exclamations of, “He’s just like me!” The illustrations are beautifully drawn with soft and warm tones that will invite you to enjoy Itchy Pig with your kiddos many times over. We loved it!
Green Child Magazine
Natural Relief for Seasonal Allergies
J. F. Cicci
The illustrations are so precious! I love the details like the mice and the ants carrying away the food. Also, the softness of Itchy Pig. I simply can't wait to get my copy.
Bonnie Lawton
The illustrations are beautiful and the soft colors enhance the lovely story.  The vocabulary of the story is appropriate for children without talking down to them.  I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.