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When six high school friends spend a weekend Live Action Role Playing they discover that the game world is both real and very, very deadly.

Fifteen year-old Alison Duggan finally gives in and joins her best friend TJ’s regular gaming group on a weekend of adventure that he promises “will be fuuunnnn.” Not long after the adventure begins, however, the friends find themselves transported from Earth to a world filled with both magic and danger. Suddenly, what Alison expected to be a relaxing weekend being geeky turns into a fight for survival against brigands, kobolds, and other nasty characters as the group tries to finish their mission…or at least get back home.

It’s All Fun and Games is the first in a series of Young Adult novels that follow Alison and her friends as they adventure through the game world, and is a Finalist in the Nerdist.com Novel Contest.

Dave Barrett teaches Accounting at the University of Maine. His kids think the book is pretty neat and that he should publish it.

Find It’s All Fun and Games on Facebook!

Dave can be reached at llabak@yahoo.com and on Twitter @llabak