Alan Tucker
High school LARPers have their weekend of role playing turned into real playing in this well-written adventure story. Where were these cool kids when I was in high school? Looks like a terrific read — can't wait!
Amanda Rye
Definitely grabbed me! This is a fun and imaginative read, with a good dose of serious life-and-death thrown in. I'm looking forward to the full book!
Jamie Brindle
I was pleasantly surprised by this.  I have to admit, when I started reading I was a little dubious; but the more I read, the more hooked I got, until I reached the end of the free sample.  Hence pre-ordered, and am looking forward to the complete story!  There are some nice little knowing winks at the reader that made me smile, and the setting is well described.  Worth checking out.
Commander Potts
Overall interesting and engaging can't wait to read more and discover this magical world brought to life. Not going into details so people can discover the magic all on there own 
Reader Writer
The whole family will enjoy this book!