Nationally famous comic book artist and writer Diane Nine has been a paraplegic since the age of five.  Now twenty-nine, the only thing she needs in her life besides a fine chardonnay and massage is true love—if she could just keep her celebrity and handicap out of the equation.  She figures she might meet an eligible boyfriend at the local library park.  Her prayers are answered when the gangly freelance engineer Chet Strauss jogs into her life.  Chet’s developed a revolutionary combat exoskeleton that can change the face of global military warfare.  He’s obsessed—she’s impressed.  Chet and Diane don’t waste any time firing up a blisteringly hot romance, during which time Chet makes an extraordinary promise.  He believes he can modify his combat suit to allow Diane to walk again.  Thrilled with the idea of mobility, Diane agrees to test the prototype suit so Chet has a “bullet-proof” demonstration to offer the U.S. Department of Defense.

            Her world disintegrates when her boyfriend suddenly disappears.  She finds evidence that he’s been kidnapped, and the clues lead to the Cuban-controlled island of Juventud.  To complicate matters, he’s left the suit in her care with strict orders to never let it out of her sight.  She takes that promise to extremes. 

            With the aid of her nurse Bibi, a Nell Carter look-alike with a Whoopie Goldberg mouth, and her Streisand-addicted gay physical therapist, Ollie, Diane embarks on a journey to rescue her missing boyfriend.  But she finds more intrigue and espionage than she bargained for.  She and her companions land smack into the hands of the Global Socialist Alliance, a triad of third-world country terrorists.  Another shock comes when Diane finds that Chet Strauss is a traitor to the United States and part of the GSA organization. He’s betrayed her, using her as a mule to smuggle the suit into the country. 

         Diane and her assistants must evade capture, endure a strong-arm robbery, survive the ravages of a category 5 hurricane, find a way off the island and get the combat suit into the hands of the United States Government.  But this mild-mannered, handicapped woman is in for the revelation of her life—she’ll have to don the suit and take a crash-course in mayhem if any of them are to get off the island alive.