Chapter 1

I woke up from a dream that I couldn’t remember. Even though my memory failed me, I still felt the string of fear running through my head. My heart pounded through my chest as my head began to thrust nails through my temples. Sweat lightly covered my head and neck as I exhaled slowly to calm myself down. I placed my hand over my eyes hoping I could just wipe away the anxiety that was all over. I gave up on the idea and dropped my hands to my side. Staring up at the ceiling, I pulled myself out of the anxiety. At first it was a bit difficult sense I couldn’t find the source, truly, to why I was in so much pain. Sure, I had a possible night terror, but I couldn’t remember what exactly happened in those night terrors. This wasn’t the first time this has happened. A couple times a week, I would awake from whatever horror I was experiencing and would lie there questioning what exactly happened. You would think that if you didn’t remember what had happened then it shouldn’t bother you as much. Of course this wasn’t the case. It was as if my body and mind was acting on its own. I don’t even know what I was afraid of, just that I was.

I looked around my room. It was God awful early as light peaked through my window. I could see silhouettes of my properties in my room. My dresser that I didn’t store clothes in but rather items of importance to me were stored and book shelves with copies of my favorite books; fiction and nonfiction and religions and stories that no else has ever heard of, all lied on the shelves. I must have over a hundred books in my room. Many of these books are in different languages as well. Some of them I can’t even read but I still hold on to them for memories sake. Any extra spaces have scrolls of older works from abroad. The desk was on the opposing side of the room where my main studies were and was quite spacious. My quill pen, calligraphy pens and fountain pens sat within arm reach of my rolling chair. Dictionaries and quick references lied on the far left as my paperwork laid to my right. Oh yeah… paperwork. I had three hundred new people come to my court and wish for citizenship. Instead of hiring someone to handle the paper work of citizenship, I decided to be the one to handle it. My shoulders slumped as a sense of disgust came over me. It was more of a bother now so at least I wasn’t tense anymore from the terrors; just disappointed that I got so little sleep and now have this heaping pile of papyrus to worry about. Yes, our paperwork is done on papyrus, don’t judge.

I jumped at the sound of my chiming wind up clock going off. Rolling my eyes, I pulled the covers over and away from myself and tossed my legs over the right side of the bed.  Dropping my hand onto the clock, silence came over the room. My head hung low as my eyes slowly tried to shut again. I turn my head to see the clock. It was six in the morning. I got four hours of sleep. How joyful to see the constant reminder of the most “bang-a-rang” and dragging thing in my life as of late; lack of rest for thine head to thine pillow. I, seriously, need to look into these night terrors and get some royal rest.

I put on my glasses and proceeded to make my way to my wardrobe. It was made from the same tree as my red oak desk. The wardrobe was created by a special woodman that specialized in not just wood but enchantments. The craftsmanship alone was admirable. Outer edges were smooth to the touch without the use of a polish, as it was. The shine that was made from the coating made the wood seem like glass. Even what little metal that was used on the hinges were purest of iron. Grabbing the handle, I pulled open the door to the wardrobe to find my royal outfit hanging on a clean hanger on the left side. Not a single tear, stain, or abnormality was insight of my white and blue uniform. I really don’t like calling it a royal outfit too much. It really is more of a uniform of duty then anything else. It’s not made of thick material or military like proper and design. It was made of cotton and silk. Comfortable to the touch, it shined when needed. Simplicity is what made it so grand. Pulling my pajama top over my head, I took advantage of my position and stretched, reaching for the heavens in hope for a single anything to grab but to no avail. I grabbed a bra and slipped it on and changed into my spaghetti strapped, white shirt. On the bottom of the shirt was a light blue border. Simple. I didn’t feel flair was needed for today. I have many versions of the shirt. Some had silver lining on the bottom and I even have one where the blue on the bottom of the shirt rises in flame like patterns to about mid-stomach. Changing my pants, I felt the smooth material that was much the same as the top. At the ankle of the pants was the same light blue border. Folding my pajamas I placed them in the wardrobe and eyed my white flats. The fond for high heels was never my forte. Sure you could kick someone square in the face with high heels and it would be no different. The thought, though of ever fighting or running, if needed, in high heels just made my feet ache thinking about it.

I perked my right leg and held my position. The pressure in my head swayed me and I quickly grabbed the handle to the door and tried to establish my balance. I pointed my toes and lifted the shoe with my big toe. I set it in front of me and slipped my foot in and proceeded to do the same with the other foot. I still held onto the door for support. Normally, I would pull such a feat with great profession but the gravity of the situation was far more than I could bear at the moment. I turned to my tall mirror. A standing mirror with matching wood of the desk and wardrobe; it always stayed clean. Never would it smudge or crack.  I took a deep breath and came to the unfortunate realization that my hair puffed like a lions’ mane. I simply stared at my head of hair and sighed. I had no will to fix the mass on my head. This short black mass of hair simply stared back at me as if to tease me into submission. The sensation of this wadded mess of black hair on my head tempted me to collapse back to bed. One single strand of hair teased me further by tangling itself over my eyes. I imagined it like a child hanging upside down on the monkey bars as if to say, “Nah nah… Nah!”

I puffed air up to my forehead in attempt to rid the pest with no victory. It simply fell back down in the exact manner as before. Bothered by the disastrous ruckus, I rolled back my head to see my night stand by the bed and blankly stared at my hair brush lying on said night stand. Contemplations of how I would retrieve my brush began to calculate in my brain. I imagined myself simply walking to my brush but my legs suddenly did not want to do as I told them to. I rolled my head back to normal position and stared again at my hair. Taking a deep breath, I summoned a white glowing portal next to me and reached in. A second light source appeared by my night stand as it was the other end of my portal. I looked through and grabbed my hair brush with a lazy thud. Dragging my hand out of the portal; I closed it and held up the green brush. There was not a glimpse of hair to be seen. I looked at my reflection and back at my brush. I exhaled all my exhaustion and proceed to comb out the beast on my head. After a few strokes, it laid down and calmed. My layers were calmer and more tamed.

Tossing the brush to my bed, I had a seat at the desk and scooted my wheeled computer chair to the edge, as far as I could go. I reached for my feather pen and dipped some ink. I pulled the first sheet off the pile. Taking a quick gander, the letters L-E-A was written for occupation. Law Enforcement Agent is what it stood for. Who knows where in his ranks he was but at least if anything I knew he cared for his job. I remember him decently. He was the last one to come here and made sure those that survived came first through our world portals. He was the last to come through and the last on the pile. I didn’t take his small pistol like weapon from him because of it. I grinned. I will congratulate the man for his hard work. Looking at the line on the bottom of the papyrus; I signed my name. I spelled my name as I wrote in force of habit.

“A-l-e-x C-h-r-i-s-t-l-e.” I really need to stop doing that. I thought to myself. Putting the pen aside, I lifted the paper and blew lightly on my signature. In satisfaction, I placed it aside and picked up the next form. Giving it a look, as well, I felt a bit sick in my stomach. The only line filled out was her name and sex. Nothing else was completed. I signed it anyways and giving a light puff on the signature; I laid it aside away from the previous parchment. With the unsigned pile to my left and signed on my right, I dragged through all the paper work that was needed. I made sure to get the ink that dries quickly. Wouldn’t want to fill out any kind of form with ink that took forever to dry. A quick puff of air helps with the drying process. Don’t want to be held up in any way. I loved using my feather pen. It was smooth and quick to fill in what was needed in a beautiful and (I felt) professional manner.

I looked at the clock and realized that I had five minutes left till everyone was to meet and discuss with everyone what had happened to their world.  All of them were signed by me as well as the recipient. Stretching in my seat, I reached for the ceiling and felt my back crack. Quite a relief as my back was quite stiff and hard to move at that moment. I pushed back my chair and walked to the left of my desk to see my books shelf. Personal and favorite collections of books and scrolls were standing upon the shelves. A couple more twists and stretches and I was ready to go. Well, not completely. I reached for the English dictionary and pulled it a quarter of the way off the shelf. The book glowed with a tint of yellow and the shelving unit began to move. Popping outward and to the left, the book shelf revealed an area that I found very precious; my private bathroom.

The mirror and sink faced the doorway. White walls and floors gleamed back at me. It stuck out like a jewel by comparison to the rest of my room, sense my bedroom was primarily wood. Even my ceiling had an inner, curved, pyramid like structure made of what seemed like wood. In fact, almost all of it was wood. The furniture to the very walls had some sort of wood that it was made of. Wood is so rich and beautiful in comparison to that of tile and stone. I have always dreamed of that secluded cabin in the middle of nowhere. The cool wind and ambiance of leaves blowing with it would take my mind and heart to a place that is long gone otherwise. That would truly hold me fast.

I turned on the water and reached for my special face wash. A very special herbalist created this blend that clears the face and rids away of the most annoying of subsistence. I stripped my glasses off my face and placed them away from the counter as I knew I would make a mess.  Pure water came from the faucet and cupped my hands to gather the clean liquid. I splashed water, aiming for my face, but of course not only did I hit the face but I hit the floor and counter top. I grabbed the tube and squeezed it. A green gel with white sparkles came out of the tube and I proceeded to massage it onto my face. I could feel a cool tingly feeling all throughout my face. After rubbing it in for about thirty seconds on my face and about ten all over my neck, I cupped some more water. I thought to myself of those old commercials back home. Those pretty women would splash water on their face with such accuracy and little hassle. I huffed at myself and attempted to do the same for myself. I filled my cupped hands half with water and attempted to rinse away the water. Of course, as luck would have it, I splashed my face with little achieved. Most of the water went all over the floor and onto the counter… again.

“If only…” I said to myself as I grabbed a rag from the stand and wet it down. I proceeded to wipe of the gel from my face and neck with the now soaked rag. Looking at the scrub on the rag, I could see that the gel had changed red. It was a sign that many oils and dirt had been lifted and removed. The sparkles had also turned black. According to the herbalist, the sparkles would turn dark if stress or lack of sleep was present. I sighed.

“I could have told you that.” I said to myself. It was more like I was talking to the gel but it’s not like the gel could talk back. That would make for an interesting face wash. It would speak to you after you washed it off telling you of the gunk you got off your face, as well as telling you of your problems like a therapist. I imagined its voice like that of those boring psychiatrists on T.V.

“Ah I see, Alex that you have quite a bit of oil on your face. You might want to get that checked out. Also it seems that you have been having night terrors and lack of sleep. Take two of these mints and call me in the morning. Next!” That monotone voice of no character within it; would put a class of high school jockeys to sleep. Heck, anyone would fall asleep to that tone of voice. I don’t even think its mother would love it. Wiping the remaining gel off of my neck, I looked in the mirror and thought of what I just thought of. Really Alex? 

“I need some rest.” I said as I quickly brushed my teeth. Pearly whites gleamed back from the mirror as I finished and smiled. My face was clear of any deformities and my teeth were clean as white pearls. I tossed a second towel to the floor and swiveled my foot around the water; soaking it up. I picked it up real quick between my toes and tossed it into the air. Catching it, I tossed it onto rail and headed out my bathroom. I turned to my bookshelf and pushed the dictionary back into the shelf, activating the mechanism and sliding the bookshelf into its normal position.

I turned to my door way and activated a portal. It was pure white with no destination for it yet. I looked down at myself to double check if I had missed anything. I was truly not prepared for all of this. I haven’t done this in a while and didn’t know how to prep myself exactly. I could just simply walk in with a waltz with a smile on my face but that could come off snarky and nasty. The last thing I need to do is turn three hundred people against me with an egotistical grin. I mean, they did just loose there world. They are not here for a vacation with the family and kids. These people have lost everything that they have known as home. I can’t guarantee a return to it. Those that have lost their world to the darkness that lies in the very footsteps of life, never see their parks or country rivers ever again. No world has ever come back. They don’t know what may happen to them. Believe me when I say that I haven’t a glimmering idea what could become of them. They are here now. They can start over and adapt. Everyone else has. I loosened at the neck and gentled my eyes.

I felt a bit chilly and walked back to my wardrobe. I had forgotten my capelet that hung next to my outfit earlier. Pure white also, it had a stiffer classic collar and was made of pure cotton. A light blue trim bordered the ends. It wrapped, simply, around me. A white rose clip held it together at the neck. I pulled it from the wardrobe and swung it around and clipped it on. Adjusting the collar I head back to the portal. I must be as positive neutral as possible. These people have not only lost homes. They lost things that no other person would be able to comprehend and put into fathom. I felt sad. No one ever wants to see a world fall apart and see people running to your court in screaming panic. We failed our mission. We owe it to them a new life, if able. As I stood a foot away from the portal that was in front of my bedroom door, I swallowed and kept both feet close together and straightened my back. Tilting my head, I paused for a moment. Taking in the silence, I turned around and looked at my room. Here I am, helping those of other worlds find themselves again. I looked at the foot of the bed and felt a bit alienated from everything. A small grinned flashed on my face and was gone. Everything felt blank. It was like my mind was creating a barrier so I wouldn’t get attached to whom I was about to meet. I looked back at the portal with a drawn out blank face.

“…Or maybe some mental help.” I said, finishing my previous thought. Memories of my childhood flashed in my mind. Chills went down my spine as quick moments clicked in my head. I could remember seeing people all around me in my everyday life. Their shadows always varied from each other, not because of the person whom blocked the sun but because of something else. The shadows would sometimes move independently in a minor fashion. A quick turn of the head or wave of a hand, I would stare for what seemed like hours at other peoples black reflections. I attempted to tell people of these phenomenons and most would ignore it. I was simply seeing things. Those quick shadows you see off the corner of your eye. It was nothing. A few people would stare at me like I had some kind of mental incapability to comprehend the world around me. People ignored me and my sight. Funny, how I would come back for them later in life.

“Don’t give up so easily.” A familiar voice rang through my head. I grinned. Her voice was snarky but confident.

Good morning, Sandra. You’re early.” I thought. We could mentally communicate with each other.

You’re late.” She barked.

“Tell me something I don’t know.”

“Well come on. Get your ass out here. They are getting anxious.” There stood Sandra waiting for me on the other side. She wore the opposing outfit. It was exactly as mine was only it was black not white and dark blue not light. Her hair was longer and pulled back into a ponytail. She kept it simple as well. I took a deep breath and looked at my twin sister.

“I’m coming. Just give me a second.” I said out loud. I looked back at my room to make sure everything was as it was. I quickly ran over to my closet and closed the door and ran to my bed and straightened the sheets. Old habits die hard.

“You ok? You seem really… out of it.” Sandra had grown concerned of my welfare and although I hadn’t slept in quite some time now, I wasn’t about to stop my work to catch up. Not yet, anyways.

“I am fine.” I replied softly. I closed my eyes to gain some sort of peace of mind. Hoping my mind would come to a soft halcyon state, I inhaled deeply and held my breath for a few seconds and exhaled with control. I always imagined my energy leaving the body. Even in my exhaustion, I felt that it helped in time of stress and need. Thinking of those who were in need of our help put me in a sense of authority. I was able to pull myself together and focus on my task at hand; at least not without giving a huge yawn afterwards.  I opened my eyes and nodded at Sandra.

I watched her turn around and walk outside of view of the portal. Behind her I could see a door to the waiting room where three hundred people were waiting. I grinned in spite of myself. Walking with shoulders back and head held high, I walked through the portal with no change to neither myself nor my step. The portal closed with a small glimmer of light and a quick fade. My sister and I stood in a waiting room where one of our new assistant was standing at that exact door waiting for us. The room was bare. Nothing was inside to decorate. These rooms held no real purpose. They were just extra rooms that we could teleport to so we could enter another with some extra flare. How could someone possibly enter from that door if there was no way into the original room? There were no doors or secret passages to get in and out. Just rooms with one door that lead out to the meeting room. No one saw you go in. So how could you have come out? It was just for looks and perks.

I quickly opened a portal to my desk in my room and grabbed the stack of paper work with both arms and two folders. The portal closed as soon as my hands were clear. Eyes slammed shut, tears came out of my eyes as air rushed to my lungs.  

 “Alright we have three hundred people to get through today. Think we can do it?” I asked Sandra. Her nod confirmed the confidence in her eyes. A deep breathe seeped through my teeth and into my lungs. My chest held on to the bland emptiness and then panicked, exhaling. I slouched to ease my doubt.

“We got this.” She winked.


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