Chapter 1

“Won’t you sit down?” The boy asks me. I look over at him but then quickly look back out the window.

“I’m more comfortable standing. Why don’t you just start the interview?” I respond. I watch him nod in the reflection from the window.

“Okay. What’s your name?” He questions.

“Sebastien.” I reply shortly. He takes down notes and then looks up at me in confusion.

“You said you were an angel?” He asks. I look away from the window toward the ground.

“That’s right.” I tell him.

“Did you change your name?” He asks. I give a short laugh and shake my head.

“No. That is the name that I was given.” He nods and shrugs.

“Okay. So, where have you been in all the time that you’ve been an angel?” He questions. This time I look up at him and tilt my head a bit.

“You don’t believe me? That doesn’t matter, by the end of this interview I will make a believer of you. I started my life in Heaven, got sent to The Pit on a mission and now I’m here as a human.” I tell him. He quickly takes down everything I said. Once he’s finished taking down the notes he looks them over before nodding his head.

“I guess I’ll be breaking this interview into three parts to get your full life story. Is that okay?” He asks. I smile and nod before perching on the edge of the table. “Don’t you want to sit in the chair?” He asks. I shake my head.

“No. It’s uncomfortable for me to sit on chairs because of the backs brushing against the underside of my shoulder blades.” I explain to him. He nods with a look of confusion on his face.

“Okay. Well, let’s get this started. Just let me know if you don’t feel comfortable answering and I’ll move to a new question.” He tells me. I nod and prepare myself for the questions that will surely dig up nasty parts of my past.  

Next Chapter: Question 1: What Was It Like In Heaven?