This book is the result of my third NaNoWriMo attempt. I finally had all the right elements in the right place to make it happen. Since November of 2014, I’ve been revising and editing, with great input from several dedicated fans. I’ve also accidentally learned a great deal about typography.

Originally, I wanted to write a time travel story, but I wasn’t finished with my research. So I went with one of my second favorite topics: immortality. From there, I knew I had to get into the exploration of supernatural abilities. In so many other works of fiction, when some hapless adventurer gains a superpower, they don’t apply any kind of scientific process to understanding the boundaries of their new found talent. I sought to address this in Intercession.

The story is set in contemporary Portland, Oregon, since that’s where I live. I borrowed from various tropes, and tried to ultimately tie everything together with some Lovecraftian twists.

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I’d love to hear any feedback, and I hope you enjoy it!

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