Thank you everyone for your patience! After several long months of edits, the Kindle edition has been published:


If you’re willing to spend some time and leave a review on Amazon, I would greatly appreciate it.

The print edition is on its way. I’ll have a proof copy in a week or so.

Thanks again to everyone for your support!


Under one week left! The timer is running out; there's just 6 days left here. Thank you all for your support! I'm glad you've enjoyed what you've seen so far.

Even if I don't hit the mark needed to get Inkshared publication, I've got things lined up to get books available to everyone who wants one. I'll post an update then with links...

Take care!


Hi everyone! Thanks for following Intercession. I've just finished another round of editing, and I've lined up resources for publication if Inkshares doesn't pan out. Please tell your friends -- everyone needs a book to read in the New Year, right? :)

Hello! Thanks for following Intercession. I hope you've been enjoying it so far!

Today brings us to Chapter 10, and we're almost a third of the way through the story, which will be running until Halloween. Please tell other people about this little project of ours and spread the word. For (very) short summaries of the chapters, follow me on Twitter: @_nyneve_

Thanks again!