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I’m pleased to present my first translated novel, Insidethe Bubble. This novel was first published in Israel (2008), andfollows the lives of five Israeli women living in Silicon Valley in 2001 at the peak of the Internet bubble.

Our protagonist Daniela, a clinical psychologist and mother ofthree, has followed her husband from Tel Aviv to the center of technologicalinnovation, where she and her group of four female friends find themselvesliving affluent but nostalgia-tainted lives. The women grapple withthe difficulties of raising children away from their cultural homeland,with the echoes of past memories, with the changing faces of theirmarriages, and with the evolution of their womanhood during middle age.

Daniela’s perspective on these issues swings back and forthas she accompanies her friends through questions of infidelity, non-monogamy,artistic exploration, and unresolved rejection during their forgotten adolescence. The central themes of the book are about reconciling past and present –solidifying identity and the Jungian process of individuation – how we becomeour full selves in the latter halves of our lives.

The reader also accompanies Daniela into the intimacy of the therapyroom, where she counsels one client through a turbulent marriage and anotherthrough suspicions of murder. Where the women’s stories provide thepersonal perspective on life’s tumults, the clients’ stories provide parallelclinical views into mirrored situations.

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