Karin Bricker, Library Manager, City of Mountain View Public Library
[Inside the Bubble] represents a unique perspective in understanding the complicated dynamics of this high powered valley.
Keith Raffel, bestselling author of Temple Mount and Dot Dead
Around the turn of the last century, millions of Jews escaped Eastern Europe and landed in the Goldene Medina, the Golden Country, the United States. In Inside the Bubble, Noga Niv writes of a circle of friends who left Israel in the last quarter century to come to Silicon Valley, this century’s Golden Country, to seek new lives and new fortunes. What makes the book special is Niv’s intimate understanding of couples, where the man too often chases after superficial trappings while the woman searches for unattainable meaning. Narrow keys open wide doors; although she focuses on Israeli immigrants, Niv has written a wise and insightful story with something for everyone.
Wendy Justus, M.A., L.C.S.W.
A modern-day Mary McCarthy... Inside the Bubble is spicy, complex and utterly satisfying.
Richard Almond, M.D., Psychoanalyst and Author
A unique perspective on the centerpiece of current American economic life, Silicon Valley... Noga Niv shows us the human face of High Tech—the personal, couple, family lives of those who bring these dramatic changes to modern life.
Allen Calvin, President, Palo Alto University
A page-turner from cover to cover. Insights into the psychological and emotional ups and downs experienced by a group of women who move with their families from the comforts of established living in Israel to the pressure-packed life of hard-driving entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.
Jo-Ann Jacobson, Chair, Contra Costa Jewish Book & Arts Festival
Heartwarming and enlightening.