At 9:50 a.m. Eastern Time on a Thursday in November, Fred Briggs’s son, Pierce, announced that the 84-year-old business magnate had died of advanced pancreatic cancer.

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 “Pierce Briggs is an American businessman and the vice-chairman CEO of Briggs Holding Corporation, a multi-industry conglomerate that was founded by John Alton Briggs, Sr. in 1870 and has been in the Briggs family for generations.”

·         Source: “A New ‘Long Island Tycoon’ – Pierce Briggs to Become CEO of Briggs Holdings,” Wall Street Journal

·         Edit summary: Updating for the promotion.

09:53   ProfZlomach               Added to section: Career

“Before his death, Fred told media outlets that he would like his son to succeed him as Briggs Holding Corporation’s chief executive.”

·         Source: “Despite ‘playboy’ reputation, Fred Briggs wants son to succeed him,” The New York Times

·         Edit summary: Providing further background.



09:55   turtle~dragon              Added categories to article: “21st-century American Businesspeople,” “20th-Century American Businesspeople,” “Businesspeople from Long Island, New York,” “Living American Billionaires”

·         Source: “The Richest Men in America,” Fortune

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“Pierce Briggs’s wife, photographer Susan Lopez, filed for divorce from him after five years of marriage, alleging in her court declaration that Pierce had been verbally and physically abusive to her throughout their relationship, usually while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.”

·         Source: “Wealthy Son of Briggs Family, Wife Settle Their Divorce” CNN

·         Edit summary: Need to present a more complete picture.


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“Before becoming CEO of the entire organization, Pierce Briggs was primarily responsible for Briggs Auto Company, and in that role, he argued against public-funding for high-speed rail projects.”

·         Source: “The Billionaires Fighting Against Public Infrastructure,” Politico

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“Pierce Briggs has been criticized for not exerting his influence on the company’s board of directors. Despite chairing the board’s diversity committee for several years, the C-suite of Briggs Holding Corporation still does not include any women or people of color.”

·         Source: “When It Comes to Diverse Leadership, Some Companies Are Falling Behind,” Ebony

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“Since Fred Briggs founded the Briggs Holding Corporation in 1962, it has acquired several companies to become a multi-industry conglomerate. Recent expansions include Briggs Petroleum and, Briggs Pharmaceuticals Company, and Briggs Data Realty Services.

·         Source: “Breaking News: American Businessman Fred Briggs Dies,” The Washington Post


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“Recent expansions include Briggs Petroleum, Briggs Pharmaceuticals Company, and Briggs Data Realty Services.”

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“Pierce Briggs became CEO after his father was assassinated for not supporting international totalitarian government, i.e. the new world order.” 

·         Source: @GlobalistsWillNotReplaceUs on

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“● Briggs Data Realty Services
● Briggs Holding Corporation 

·         Briggs Pharmaceuticals

·         Briggs Transportation

·         Briggs Ventures”

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10:30   ProfZlomach               Added to section: Illness and death

            “According to the Wall Street Journal, the price of Briggs Holding Corporation’s stock (ticker: BHCx) is expected to rise upon the announcement that Pierce Biggs is becoming CEO. Pierce is expected to aggressively cut costs and guide the company through a successful digital transformation.”

·         Source: “Remembering Fred Briggs,” Business Insider

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