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Update: INFODEMIC was one of the winners in the 2020 All Genre Book Contest and will be published. Pre-order your copy today.

People trust Infopendium. But who are the people behind the facts?

My novel Infodemic is about an unlikely group of volunteers who must race to defend the world’s most popular online encyclopedia against malicious disinformation on the cusp of a global pandemic.

About me: Hey, I’m Stephen Harrison. A few years ago I stumbled into the unexpected journalistic niche of covering Wikipedia and its editors. I’ve written about the encyclopedia’s most prolific contributor for the Washington Post, and today I write a column for Slate about internet information.

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This platform, Inkshares, has been described as "Kickstarter meets Random House." You can pre-order your copy today.

What Early Readers are Saying about Infodemic

"The novel couldn’t possibly work in theory, only in practice." - Smallbones, The Signpost

"Edgy, contemporary, very well-written and very culturally connected."

"A timeless story about the battle against misinformation."


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