Monika S Jones
The book pulls you in, it's a rabbit hole with many exciting twists that will be familiar, and both funny and all-too-true, for those involved in the Wikimedia movement, or who would like to know more. Highly recommend!
Jacqui Castle
Much like the recent hit Queen's Gambit, I see this appealing to those who like to see a fictional twist added to an everyday, yet exclusive world they've never explored - in this case, Wikipedia behind-the-scenes. Looking forward to seeing this develop!
Seth Levey
What a great, and timely, read! The preview chapters have been like a fun movie trailer for me. Was enamored with the plot so far and looking forward to reading more.
The BookLife Prize
Harrison’s INFODEMIC is a cogent and compelling techno-thriller that concerns freedom of information, truth, and the web. Prose is polished and balanced, with well-integrated entries to the internet encyclopedia at the story’s core. The focus on Infopendium provides an alluring angle that delivers thoughtful analysis on modern information wars.
The Signpost - Smallbones
The great Wikipedia novel: Journalist Stephen Harrison – see two of his current stories above – is writing a work of fiction about an internet encyclopedia named Infopendium during a pandemic.

The novel couldn't possibly work in theory: what could be more boring for most folks than reading about people who write encyclopedia entries for fun? In reality there's a new adventure on almost every page, and it's hard to stop reading as you fall down the rabbit hole. Tentatively titled Infodemic, it involves hired-gun editors, a crusading journalist, and several characters who Wikipedians might think they recognize. While the characters are clearly fictionalized composites of real Wikipedians, you might think you can identify User:Prospero and Doc Luke, but be prepared for surprises as you read on. Railfan and DejaNu are a bit harder to guess, as there are so many Wikipedians who share some of their characteristics. Are you one of them? What journalists may want to know most is who is the main character Morgan? Five sample chapters are available here.
Jackie Smith
A brilliant read that is exceptionally relevant in our modern world of information and misinformation. Meet the editors of Wikipedia, or in Mr. Harrison's world, Infopendium, and engage in this entertaining and informative story.
Leo Valiquette
A relevant and timely techno-thriller that can only be pulled off by a writer who can combine an analytical insider's perspective with a flair for storytelling -- Stephen Harrison appears to have the right stuff in spades.
Reader Writer
Infodemic hits the ground running with fascinating characters and a timely plot that keeps you swiftly scrolling through the last sample chapter. Excited to see what happens next!
Nirmani Walpola
Interesting book....can't wait until it gets published!!!!
Stephen Harrison
If you haven't checked out INFODEMIC, give it a follow and read the sample chapters on Inkshares. Phase 1 of the Inkshares 2020 manuscript contest ends today!