Hey all! 

First off, I want to say thanks for following In the Shadow of the Rook. Inkshares was where I started getting the confidence to put my work out in the world, and you all are a big part of supporting that.

As things turn out, I won’t be able to fund via Inkshares. However, I have published now via Amazon, so if you’re still interested in In the Shadow of the Rook, you can pick it up now for $2.99 (£1.99) on Amazon! Also on Kindle Unlimited.

US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071LBRQ2G
UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B071LBRQ2G

Best of luck in your own writing endeavors! - J.D.L. Rosell

Hi all! Hope you saw In the Shadow of the Rook is now available for pre-order - sign up for a copy if it strikes your fancy!

I’ve also got a free bit of story for you: a short story proceeding In the Shadow of the Rook called The Lingering. Pick up your copy by following this URL: https://www.instafreebie.com/free/FcPY8.

Thanks and keep well!
-JDL Rosell
Josiahkaitrainier JDL Rosell · Author · added about 6 years ago
Thanks Kendra! They’re available whenever you want them =)
Trooper's Kendra Namednil · Author · added about 6 years ago
This looks quite promising! I can hardly wait to see the first few chapters!