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Jay and Colin are small-town geeks. Senior year is nearly over and they’re still as unpopular as ever.

Everything changes when they discover a computer program called The Build; a pixel-perfect replica of their hometown. As the boys tweak its code, they find it can bend the laws of reality. With godlike power, they react as any teenager would, hacking high school to make it awesome.

But someone—or something—is watching. When the Build’s creator discovers Jay and Buddy making changes, he tracks them down and targets them for deletion, beginning an epic battle that requires Jay and Colin to rely on all their gaming knowledge to save themselves, their town—and the very fabric of existence.

Author Bio

I live somewhere in Portland, OR, where I write brand platforms and other business stuff. I’ve written other stories, some of which are bad and a few of which are good.

Several years ago, there was an internet kerfuffle over a video I made. The video was intended to influence JJ Abrams while he was making Star Wars: The Force Awakens. A bunch of people saw it, then he saw it, and (I’m told) was influenced by it. I’m still proud of that one, and you can watch it here. I also made a web-series similar in vibe to In Beta. It’s called The Monday Knights. In many ways it’s bad (I did all of the compositing and 3D graphics), but in a few key ways it’s good. I like it, and you can find its best episodes here, here, here, and here.

I have a wife and two kids and I’m reasonably content.

Why You’ll Love This Story

Well, let’s see. It’s dryly funny. There’s a pretty crazy backstory to be uncovered. The characters feel real, and don’t talk in the annoying made-for-TV-banter that seems to crop up everywhere these days. It deals with real high school stuff—bullying, and the lifelong grudges that come from it. It’s grounded enough to be relatable, but also completely absurd and irreverent (as a story about video games should be). Geeky teenagers fight a bunch of AI monsters with pulse rifle and grenade launchers, so As I Lay Dying it is not. It’s written for kids, but is occasionally fucked up and gruesome—with exploding heads and ’eff’ bombs and such—because kids are people too, and capable of enjoying life’s finer things.

If you like my writing style, this book is available on this website to ’try before you buy.’ Or read the whole thing for free. Or just read the ending and then go spoil it on reddit. If, however, you’re already harrumphing with distaste as you read this, I recommend you try As I Lay Dying. It’s a terrible read, but you get a gold star for finishing it.