This trilogy is one that got my writing juices flowing. Needless to say, I love all things supernatural and weird, which is why I live in Portland Oregon. This city and other areas around Oregon inspired me to write and ever since then, I’ve felt more alive. This story is about the aftermath of a devastating plague that was caused by a corporate lab trying to make a better insecticide by using and manipulating the genetic makeup of a fungus that, in the wild, can and does make ants turn into mindless zombies. See exhibit A:


Creepy isn’t it? Most of the worlds, population dies off to the point that most supernatural beings feel safer to come out of the wood work and live in this world. Alas, humans aren’t so fond of this idea and a certain hate group known as the P.A.N.E.L. squad that follows a religious prophet in the macabre belief that it’s all these supernatural beings fault that the plague happened and if the world is rid of them, everything will be restored back to the way the world was, pre-plague.

The main characters are a witch, a necromancer, an energy healer, and a gremlin and they all live under the same roof. Will the P.A.N.E.L. squad find and kill them or will they kill each other because they barely know each other after busting out of a jail center that holds supernatural beasts? There’s suspense, danger, love, and plenty of humor too so why not give it a chance and read the first chapter.

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