The Emperors of Kem, the Iron Empire, are unstoppable forces of destruction on the battlefield and masters of statecraft off of it. Ghreman Vhen, ascends to the throne when his father, Assur, is slain fighting the Outsiders, monstrous invaders from another world that the Empire has kept at bay for generations. The responsibility for the safety of his people now falls to Ghreman, but he wants to be a good leader, as well as strong.

Harvin Jecks (just Jecks to his friends), is a minion. Well, technically a guard, but let’s be honest, he’s a minion and infinitely disposable. Despite his best efforts, he’s caught the eye of those far above his station and he needs to do everything in his power to survive.

Issa Forth is a Forgemind, gifted with a genius intellect and the innate ability to work with the energies of the Blackforge. She and her brother Landem are part of a resistance movement called the Sunderers who aim to overthrow the Iron Empire. When the Emperor reaches out to them, offering freedom, it could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to free their homeland without violence. Or it could also be a deadly trap.

None of them are prepared for the machinations of the Outsiders already working to kill them all.

About Impervious

Impervious, like most of my stories, started off as a one shot idea: What if the Evil Overlord (Emperor in this case) wasn’t really such a bad guy. This is mostly inspired by too much reading of the Evil Overlord list and playing around with tropes that I liked, but wanted to twist around a little bit.

That idea grew, changed and eventually morphed into something that was less comedy centric, and more an exploration of the question of "Would you rather be free, or safe?" The story got darker, but also filled out with a much larger cast of characters and much higher stakes. It also, of course, turned into a trilogy.

I’ve been working and refining the ideas, plot and characters since I wrote the first draft for National Novel Writing Month three years ago. Now I’m well into the second draft, looking to finish that sometime in the first half of this year. The chapters that I post here are from that, still a little rough but looking much better. Things will change in the third draft, but what you see posted here is very close to the finished story.

About Me

Hi. I’m Seth and I’m a huge nerd. I read, I play video games, I write and I code. The priority of those things shift over time, but I’m doing my best to keep the latter two items at the top of the list.

Impervious is my first book. Well, first book where I’ve actually finished an entire draft. Since then I’ve finished other first drafts, such as the second book in the series and a couple smaller projects. My fervent desire is to completely finish Impervious this year, then start working on the second draft of Unstoppable (Book 2) next year, along with the first draft of Immovable (Book 3).

My other big project, that will probably always be going, is, which is a writing motivation web application. It keeps track of how much you write per day, lets you make goals, and generates graphs to let you visualize how you’re doing. It’s out and it’s free, with new features always under development.