Harry Potter just wasn’t enough for me. I wanted more. You probably did as well.

Also, oddly enough, Harry Potter wasn’t dark enough for me, I wanted darker. Perhaps you did as well.

Everyone say hello to Icarus Hadwell (but do it quietly. He’s fractious. For now.)

The multiverse exists as a melding of dualities – where does energy end and dark energy begin? When does black become white? More, the multiverse exists as a plethora of parallel verses where all possibilities can be found, where anything that can happen, will happen. What if you were the summit of the force of Creation itself – the endgame of the game – whereby the steady accretion of particle into dust, dust into star, star into planet, planet into life, and life into consciousness became something more? If you were then you wouldn’t need to read Icarus Hadwell. You’d think it was old hat.

Let’s do a little superposition-ing of the possibilities and align ourselves as one. Let’s make Icarus Hadwell happen.

I got my Harry Potter fix with this novel. It’s exciting, sad, uplifting, and catchy. When it ends you will want more. But you must read it to get there. The book is written, it needs professional editing, but it stands, as is, without it. The second book is plotted and begun, it only waits for me to align myself again with the possibilities. Help me take a lonely, small boy and create something which can shatter the Mind of Dark Energy.

We can all become Scions of the Book.

Read Icarus Hadwell & The Book of Fates.

The choice is always yours.