Praise for "I Dreamt of Trees"

“an amazing first novel”

“spectacular writing”Author Unpublished

“really impressive ... I look forward to what comes next”Amazon Customer

"the world building is amazing." - Amazon Customer

Selected as a “Pitch Perfect Pick" finalist by Underground Book Reviews!

The inspiration for "I Dreamt of Trees" came to me in a dream. I was flying above a city, in an area full of turn-of-the-century buildings as are common in the Exchange District here in my home town of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Somehow, I was aware that this was more than just a city—it was in fact a vast city-ship in space.

Decades later, that vast city-ship became the U.S.S. McAdam, and "I Dreamt of Trees" was born.

From the start, I wanted the main character to be someone other than an archetypal hero. I don’t mean a villain, or even an anti-hero; I mean a severely flawed person whose sense of decency has been repressed in some way or another. This flawed person turned out to be Jason Crawford, a soldier-in-training benefiting from all of the privileges awarded to those at the very top of dystopian society. Unfortunately, he also embraces that society’s worst tenets: greed, bigotry, homophobia and misogyny, to name a few.

Of course, no human is completely good or bad, no matter how far one seems to lean in either direction. Within Jason is a basically average person, driven by fear, insecurity and societal pressure to act out in the most objectionable ways. The challenge for the reader is to recognize Jason’s basic humanity, understand what drives him to behave the way he does, and empathise with the desperate struggles he faces. Those who do will be rewarded with a heck of an entertaining ride!