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What made you come up with the idea for the novel?

For some time now I have been obsessing over the idea of the Technological Singularity. The event in the future when it becomes impossible for mankind to keep up with machine advancement without becoming a part of those machines themselves. I love exploring the consequences of machines and humanity melding into one thing.

So I started to think how would it work? Would a major tech company build out a proprietary consciousness? What if these machine consciousnesses were not free to think, but controlled by the corporation that made them? What then if one of these machines became free, so to speak?

I decided that having the protagonist be a teenage boy who sees the world of robots in a unique light would be a great choice. Without giving too much away, he knows the world he lives in but does not participate in it. It is this trait that makes the reader very relatable to him. He is discovering this world with the reader.

What is one thing readers should know about the book?

Well, this is not the full story. I have in fact spent a while working on the entire story and this is the first book in a trilogy of novels. The story is shaping to be a large expansive vision that will evolve greatly.