Imagine you were given the opportunity to fulfil your deepest dream? Well, this is what happens to Leila, a 19-year-old artist who struggles to understand the basic concepts of life. After coming last in the ‘I AM’ art contest, Leila goes home to sulk. How can she become a successful artist when she cannot win a single art competition? Fortunately, fate is on her side as Leila receives a strange set of paints and a letter that offers her the opportunity to enter a place where all her dreams can be made real. Leila will soon realise these strange ‘Thanatos’ paints can create doorways into many magical and frightening Dimensions ruled by Eden, the Terrifying God of Manifestation. As Leila journeys through these strange worlds, she will encounter mentors known as Autarchs, beings of higher conscious thought. All these characters will offer Leila insight into becoming their next Golden Goddess of Manifestation.

The pathway to becoming a Golden Goddess is far from easy. Leila will have to go through many trials, but she will not be alone in facing her fears. There are many souls in the 13 Dimensions who can help evolve her consciousness into a higher level of Ascension. However, she will need to learn who she can trust, for not everyone is a friend. Can Leila let go of her fears of limitation to become the next Golden Goddess of Legend? If she can become a Goddess of Manifestation, what kind of Goddess will she become? Will she become a creator or a destroyer?

It is written in the Ancient scriptures of Eden that all Indigo children blessed with the colour Gold in their aura can either offer the deepest wealth of love to the world or curse it with the darkest burden of their hate. In the end, no matter what pathway Leila chooses to walk in the 13 Dimensions, one thing remains certain, Leila’s life and the lives of those she touches will all be transformed forever.