Wei Parker works as a station agent at Hyperion station, on Saturn’s seventh moon. Her job is boring, isolating, and repetitive. But when the cargo ship Aurelius arrives to dock devoid of crew, cargo, and any ship records, Wei is drawn into a mystery that will take her to the boundaries of the Solar System, while proving that the known universe isn’t as known as it seems.

Joined by security office Henry Saito, and slimy businessman Tomas Ek, Wei Parker will unravel the mystery of the Aurelius’s missing cargo and crew, and discover that humans are not the only sentient lifeforms in the solar system.

Written by Nate Ragolia, author of There You Feel Free (1888center, 2015). Nate graduated from the University of Colorado in 2004. He writes two webcomics, the Illiterate Badger, and the Right Corking Adventures of Lark & Robin. He’s a Star Wars and Star Trek fan from that window in the ’80s and ’90s when it wasn’t cool. In his free time, he’s usually playing video games, or petting dogs.