T. B. Robinson
Sounds to be a very fun read
This book is a fun read!
An interesting adventure to read, if one can get past the gaping plot-holes and suspend one's disbelief. I see how one of the subplots or themes may be Wei's claims of you stick me out here alone and expect courtesy to Ek; and Ek's response along the lines of a businessman's expectations of respect and corporate enthusiasm from Wei. Totally idealistic from both sides; but the real world doesn't always get what it wants. If I were in Ek's position I would likely have reported Wei for dismissal long before this adventure happened, and I'd be in the right.And then there's Henry Saito, who is initially set up to make us think he's a chauvinist, but is instead later shown to be an interesting help in the time of need. Now, I don't like the cursory language at all, but I can sure understand Wei's sentiment when he shows up days early. It's just that ... the first impression us readers get is so strong, that I actually had a minor feeling of revulsion when Wei and Henry ... get together. And this is to be expected, for all the buildup of emotional-disconnect Wei has for Henry, before then....But on the other hand, there's this major plot-hole, that a major transportation organization would willingly put only one individual to man such a post as what Wei was employed on. Anything worth doing for any state of permanence, almost requires more personnel assigned, and in this universe, such a company should be doomed to failure. I would suggest more than ten people, if at least for station operations more than just sticking one person in there as a solitary functionary. Does Wei provide her own tech-support when things go buggy or when a disorderly captain or crew show up? All the technology mentioned, or even hinted at, on the station surely requires some form of technician or maintaine, for no technology is infallible; and the mixup of the ship being in bay number ten would never have happened. Also, am I to assume that when Wei goes off-duty that no ships may be allowed to dock? Then multiple day-shifts are required, at least to break the day into three or more contiguous shifts.And this latter point is where the whole story falls apart: if it's only Wei assigned on station, with Ek to inspect her and the station, and Saito to appear only once in a while, there's so many critical, real-world issues in the plotline to properly engross myself, to suspend disbelief -- and I want to like this story. Only one man on duty, sure -- but it better be a peaceful universe with no pirates, no danger. You got pirates, and they're not likely to show up at a more prosperous station, only to one that is understaffed like Wei's is. And that should color her experience immensely, like always asking the question Why are all these damaged ships always showing up here?.But I like the story, once the trio is on the ship, moving away from the post...