Neuroscientist Miranda Underwood seems to have the perfect life. She’s second-in-command at MindTech, a research lab and outpatient facility that combines cutting-edge brain science with cognitive therapy. She loves helping people – but something’s missing. And when she wakes up in a hospital with no memory, plus a newborn baby, that carefully cultivated world disappears altogether.

As Miranda struggles to piece together the events that led to her memory loss, she must also contend with her new life as a mother, as well as her mysterious husband. Ben Baker is a programmer at MindTech’s sister company, and Miranda isn’t sure if he knows what truly happened to her or not. In alternating chapters, Ben tells his side of the story, flashing back to the time Miranda has missed. Miranda has secrets of her own, and MindTech has memory manipulation technology - did she choose to wipe out her own pain, or was it something more sinister?

HOW TO REMEMBER is the 2017 winner of the Hugh Holton Award from the Mystery Writers of America - Midwest Chapter.