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HOW TO REMEMBER is the 2017 winner of the Hugh Holton Award from the Mystery Writers of America - Midwest Chapter!!

Miranda Underwood has lost a year’s worth of memories, and she’s certain her employer is behind it. MindTech uses imaging and electrical therapy to influence patients’ thoughts and feelings. Until now, Miranda has been on the other side of things, using her doctorate in neurology to help clients come to terms with mental and emotional trauma. But now that her own mind has been compromised, she won’t rest until she knows exactly what MindTech did to her and why.

One year in the past, grieving computer programmer Ben Baker can’t seem to get his life back together following his mother’s death. MindTech promises to help him heal. He’s intrigued, but unsure. It’s only after he meets Miranda in the bar next door that he becomes a client. As Miranda and Ben grow closer, they discover that Ben has a deeper connection to MindTech than he realizes.

This book started when I woke up from a disorienting dream. In the dream, I’d forgotten an entire year of my life. I checked my calendars, my to-do lists, but everything was gone. I started to wonder how such a thing could happen, if it could happen.

I also knew I wanted to write about science, and I wanted to explore a mystery or two. There’s also a touch of ill-fated romance.