You know those weird Saved by the Bell episodes where everything’s funny and everyone’s happy and Zack Morris is talking on a phone the size of a shoebox, then all of a sudden there’s like a weird moral about drugs? That’s kind of what my writing is like. I like comedy with a twist – a dark edge, a deeply felt moment, a bizarre underbelly. I’m a woman of many talents (aimless) who needs manifold avenues by which to express those talents (spew words frantically and smush them into different shapes), so I’ve written just about everything: features, pilots, short stories, poems, sketches, articles. How to Make and Kill the Perfect Man is, however, my first novel, so I’m smushing it into shape very tentatively and with alternate surges of excitement and dread. I have a complete manuscript, but am totally open to making changes. My first draft has already been recognized by the Tracking Board’s Launch Pad Manuscript Competition (through which it made its way here), so either I’m doing something right or God is asleep at the wheel.

Enough about me, who’s Kelly? She is, after all, the one making this so-called “perfect man” (I’ll let you judge for yourself). Kelly popped into my head as the answer to the question “What would a female version of Weird Science look like?” Well, half of the answer – the other half is Ethan, the robotic boyfriend Kelly builds to get her mom off her back about being single, and not single in the fabulous Beyoncé way. Ethan and Kelly are an odd pair, and that’s just what made it fun for me to write them. Their story is essentially a romantic comedy with elements of sci-fi.

At this stage in the process, I’m open to any and all feedback, as long as you love everything about the book and have no critiques. Just kidding, I would love and value your honest reactions. If you’re a fellow writer, I’m happy to check out your work too!