Married in July 2015, Jared Milrad and Nate Johnson are increasingly well-known advocates and personalities with more than 10 million views worldwide and thousands of followers on social media. Featured in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign launch announcement, Jared and Nate are the first same-sex couple to appear in a major party presidential campaign commercial. The pair has been profiled in numerous media outlets around the world, including The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Guardian, The Times of London, TIME, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, and ABC News. Now based in Southern California, Jared is an actor, lawyer, and social entrepreneur who previously founded a nationally recognized non-profit organization and worked in The White House. Nate is a Senior Project Manager at Endpoint Outcomes, a prominent health outcomes consulting company. Jared and Nate enjoy rescuing dogs, eating vegan food, hiking, traveling, "Netflix and Chilling," and making the world a little bit better than they found it.

After meeting lots of couples and not-so-couples who wondered how we ended up getting hitched, we wanted to share our many months of compiled wisdom with the world.

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Jared and Nate