New Chapter


By: Lisa Marie Fischer

Firstly, in conclusion of my research, I have found what I feel to be one of the main goals in everyone’s life. This goal is to find an easy and direct way to become financially secure and independent. A way that will relieve all the financial pressures in one’s life and open the path to pleasure and enjoyment is here!

Most people feel that the accomplishment of these goals is beyond their wildest dreams. Let’s face it. Almost everyone wants to be successful. "What is success?" you may ask. It means many different things to many different people, but almost all of them will agree that the most important part of success is money. The principles described in this book are designed to solve those problems forever.

United Publishing Enterprises has developed a very simplified book on how to write your very own publication. Starting from the fundamental principles to the full completion, you will develop your very own successful business.

You will find the success that you have been looking for by following these proven principles. This is assured by your own determination and drive for success in becoming your own boss and the earning you’re earning potentials will be ENDLESS!

The Opportunity That Could Put an End

To Your Money Problems Immediately?

It seems a foolish question to ask someone if they would at least be willing to look at an opportunity that could end their money worries forever. Yet the truth is most people won’t even take a moment to consider something that could change their life for the better virtually overnight. Most people will go on living lives of financial hardship and never even remember they threw away a chance at a wonderful new life without a second thought.

Once in a great while a really exciting money-making program comes along to help people like you realize their lifelong dreams.

You can never have true financial security going to a job or living off a fixed income. Too many things can go wrong, and often do. Companies go broke, people get fired or laid off, inflation eats away at buying power, retirement plans are changed or don’t work out as expected. There is one way and only one way to have true financial security and peace of mind; that is to be able to make money on your own, without being dependent on anyone else. And you must be able to make money wherever you are in both good times and bad times.

With this plan you are your own person, and being your own person feels marvelous. Never again will you need to take abuse from a boss. Never again will someone give you orders and tell you what to do and what not to do. You set your hours. You make your own schedule. If you don’t feel like working when you get up in the morning, then don’t. Go to the park with the kids instead, or just spend the day watching TV or reading a book. It’s your choice. Maybe on the spur of the moment you’ll catch a plane to Hawaii and spend a few days lying on the beach. Overdue bills, mortgage payments, and other money troubles will no longer be a concern for you. Being your own person, making money on your own, offers personal rewards that no one who works at a job will ever know.

You don’t need any money to begin this plan. This is a very important point. To be specific, a few things are needed, but you probably already have them in your home. Other than this, you need nothing to get started. Many other money-making plans claim that it takes no money to get started, but when you get the plan, you are told to borrow money. Getting rich by borrowing other people’s money is fine. There’s nothing wrong with this idea. But this plan does not require you to take risk by borrowing money. You don’t take risk borrowing money and you don’t risk your own money. This is truly a plan that allows you to start making big money with no investment and no risk.

This money-making plan is designed with a unique and specific feature: it can be done without ever leaving home. This is an advantage found in almost no other money-making system. Sure you can operate out of a plush office if you like. But if you are someone who needs to stay at home much of the time, then this is the best money plan you’ll ever find. It offers an excellent opportunity for a wife to stay at home and have a rewarding career at the same time. Since this plan takes very little space, it is appropriate for use in even the smallest apartment.

This money-making system is not the least bit difficult or hard to understand. It is incredibly simple. The instructions lay out all the secrets in a complete, detailed and well written form. In less than two hours you’ll be able to operate the system and start making money. You will be absolutely overjoyed once you possess the closely guarded secrets that will allow you to rake in thousands and thousands of dollars right from your own home.

PART 1. All You

"So," you ask, "how will this make me a lot of money?" You are going to write your own, easy to understand, "How-To Book". Don’t worry about this; it is easier than you think! I am going to show you how. A good example of a How-To Book is this book you are reading.

Let’s begin to have a different outlook on the future. Now is the time to throw all your doubts out the window. Any goal you decide to set is not only realistic, it is available to you. How do you feel about that?

Here’s the answer. It’s easy. All it takes is some time and determination and you will have it all on a silver platter. With this determination, you will do it all yourself. Before I reveal this incredible secret, let’s give that determination of yours some gas.

"TRIUMPH" Is completed and I will be turning it over to INKSHARES, when it are funded. If you have any questions Please feel free to email me. I will respond! Thank you all who are following me, and I hope you have faith in my book and myself and Pre order. Please remember all proceeds go to helping Disabled veterans Let’s all unite.