This is the story of Yevgeny Dyvig, officer of the Soviet intelligence services and natural-born werebear, and Lenore de Soto, Spanish guerrilla, revolutionary, and demonic host. When not trying to kill each other, they’ll join forces in a tale that spans the decades from the Spanish Civil War to World War II to the Cold War in Europe as they travel the globe, fighting fascism in all its forms. They’ll live, they’ll learn, they’ll love, and they’ll eat plenty of Nazis along the way.

We are Ethan Reed and Ben Alan, semi-professional historians and storytellers extraordinaire. We met in history school, and bonded over our love of nerdery. The characters were born of a roleplaying session. The session died, but the characters we’d developed were too good to die with it, so now we present them here, for your enjoyment.

Looking for an action-adventure romp with a vengeful demon, communist werebear, and all the Nazi mad scientists they can eat? Look no further. Always wish your favorite historical writers maybe knew a little more about history? We’re your guys. Want character-driven drama punctuated with action, romance, a sense of humor and a dash of grimdark? This is your stop, buddy.