-About The Story-

Housewife in Hell is an idea I originally conceived of as a screenplay, while living in Tallahassee, Florida and working my way through film school. In any iteration, the story is a fantastic, sometimes supernatural, always terrifying, fairy tale set in the woods and swamps of the deep south. At its core, it’s a story about a woman discovering all that she’s made of, and the lengths she’s willing to go for others, and for herself. It’s a feminist horror story - and I think it’s one of the most important stories I’ve ever had to tell.

-How You Can Help-

Preorder a copy - the more unique reader preorders by September 30th, the more likely Housewife in Hell is to be included in Nerdist Inkshares Sci-Fi/Fantasy Collection. In fact, they’ll publish the top 5 stories regardless of whether they’ve met their funding goal or not.

I’d also love your participation in this project. For readers who pre-order, you’ll be able to access full drafts of the book as I write. Your $9.99 will basically make you a subscriber to weekly serial content direct from me. For those that aren’t ready to support just yet, you can help me by clicking +follow at the top of this page. This will allow you to receive updates, ask questions, and get to know the project and me. While you’re at it, consider recommending and forwarding Housewife in Hell to any friend/coworker/guy-you-met-on-the-subway who might want to hop on the bandwagon. Any support, however you care to give it, is incredibly appreciated.

And please, send me your ideas, thoughts, scary things that can happen in the swamp (so many things, am I right?), and anything else you think might lead me in an interesting direction. Extra motivated? Read an excerpt or two, then write me a review. Like any creative, I thrive off your brownie points and compliments.

-About Me-

I am a working playwright and screenwriter born and raised in the north suburbs of Chicago. Currently, living in New London, Connecticut and blogging about art, creativity, and living a freelancer’s life at OuttaThePlayhouse.com. I’m a feminist, a horror-film addict, and a number of other contradictory things. All the better to write this fantastic story with.