House of Rebels answers the question we’ve all asked ourselves at one time or another:

What if Harry Potter, instead of being an 11-year-old boy, was a lesbian in her twenties?

Mara Jacobs really didn’t know what she was doing. Eight majors in two-and-a-half years of college had given her no clue about what to do with her life and the jobs she’d held were just a means to survive from one month to the next. So, when she met Olivia Warren, all she was hoping for was a phone number and, if she was lucky, a date. What she got was a cryptic business card and an introduction to a life she never could have imagined.

As Mara delves deeper into this underground world of magic, she finds her life to be full of more questions than she’d ever had before. Where did this secret society of magic come from? What should she do with this new-found power? And, perhaps most important of all, what does being a modern-day sorceress pay?!

Mara will make new friends, find love, unlock a power she never knew existed, and help chase down the murderer in their midst. House of Rebels is the first in a planned series of Mara’s adventures. The manuscript is complete at just over 200 pages and is currently in the final stages of editing. All I need now is your help to get the book from my computer to your bookshelf.