What’s the book about?

"Hiding Among the Stars" is a sci-fi space opera based on the premise that humanity is extremely paranoid of a super alien predator in the galaxy (although as the saying goes, it’s not paranoid if it’s true). It follows Eya, a female super-human traveling throughout the galaxy looking for human settlements to catalog, Enki, a human in one such underground settlement whose parents are mysteriously killed, and several other characters. When Enki goes searching for the perpetrators, he finds much, much more. It mostly takes place on an actual exoplanet, Kepler-442b.

This book has everything you might want: a bad guy, espionage, chase scenes, conspiracies, and a highly advanced cybernetic human. It also turns out to be about science, faith, life and death, and what it means to be human.

Why is humanity hiding?

The main idea is inspired from Stephen Hawking and others who have warned us not to try to contact aliens. How does humanity survive if we are like ants to the aliens? In this novel, aliens are not an analogy for other people.

Who are you?

I’m a computer programmer and big nerd that loves all things sci-fi, including Star Trek, Star Wars, the new Battlestar Galactica, and the Expanse. Back when I was younger I watched X-Files and Star Trek: TNG, among other shows. I’ve read tons of sci-fi, classic and recent and have also been writing my whole life, although this would be my first novel.

In my opinion, the best sci-fi reflects on society, ethics, beliefs, and technology and pushes the limits of all four.

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